Nemi Wittman (currently Alma Muller) |

Hey my fellow nerds and Hamilton Obsessed people! This is AlmaAllie, AllieAlma here! Today and multiple days before I have made four digital drawings of my new character Nemi (Neh-me) Wittman (Wit-men). Currently Nemi isn’t born yet…? But I still made fan art. On a side note, Nemi’s mother is Bre Wittman (@PassionFire) and she came up with her name, props to you Bre!

So let’s stop my rambling and get on with it!



this is so cute omg

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Thank you!

WHAT??? Bre’s having a kid?

Mhm! That would be me, well I’m not Bre, but i’m the kid!

I’m Bre hehe :3 and yes she’s having a kid

I thought Bre was like, 18

She’ll be 19 ish soon but that’s beside the point, she can have kids at whatever age she wants

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