New Minigame - Knockout!

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Sooooo we’ve just implement a new minigame! (Credit to Crystal Stone for the concept and to Hari for helping me polish it) Which is basically you need to buy a stick from the store next to the portal, you get into the portal (the fireplace) and you’ll get teleported on an island- the objective is to knock out as many people from the island as possible! What if you fall tho? No worries! You’ll just be tp’ed very near to the portal.

How to get to this portal? Well there are 3 ways, 1) Buying the portkeys from the shop right next to the portal 2) Exploring Knockturn Alley til you find it ooor 3) From spawn just do /guide KnockGame

To find the rules in more detail you may buy the book in the shop for 1 sickle or just read the hologram right next to the fireplace. :slightly_smiling_face:


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