New profiles w/ spell stats

Remember these profile pages from a while back? It used to be that you could access them from a link on /profile. For a time, after sorta died, percentages towards wandless spellcasting were shown on a link with a one word difference in the URL, and these were at some point listed on the link on /profile.

Because it’s been a good number of months (to my knowledge) since the link on /profile led to anything more than a blank page on the old forums, I’d like to suggest that the profiles be added to the discourse forums and a functional link added to /profile.

It would also be very nice to have the spell stats back (it is very annoying to have no idea how close to NV or wandless you are) and, as I saw in a February post, have a few features added to it such as alignment markers, quidditch stats, and possibly even information from Mordonia.

I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate having the profiles moved over to the newer forums. Maybe you could even add a way to link the forum profile to the Minecraft one!


Totally not said multiple times this was a planned thing.

2 Likes There you go, thats how you can find your spell info <3

I think she meant the percentages of every spell, like it was months ago, not just the spell levels.
Anyway, if you need to check your profile and spell levels, just add your last name at the end of this link:

Or change the player to profile in link from /profile, but either mine or heli’s easy works, but it might be easier if you’re not very high ranked in your family