New School Year

Hello everyone,

A new school year is here again. I wanted to take this moment to thank a few people who have been working very hard on automated lessons, which not many people see behind the scenes, and some people who are working on other things.

Thank you to @Keyla. You guys don’t see it, but she is one of the most dedicated to creating automated lessons .

Also Emily Alderton (Whom I don’t know how to ping) who also works just as hard as Keyla and is very good at helping others too.

Additionally, @Psychodynamic Who has helped with Airthmancy beyond belief.

Finally from the automation team, Emily Stump (dunn ohow to ping) who is new, but jumped right in!

As for other people on the automation team, just because they arent mentioned doesnt mean they aren’t doing amazing work!

Then for other amazing work, @LynxPlay has been working wicked hard on spellbook.

Also for his guides plugin @VDDTripped !

Also, we should thank @EHari and @Crane for their work on potions.

This isn’t to say other people aren’t doing hard work, this is just who I noticed this past month. Who did you notice was doing a lot of work this past month?

–> Thank them below.


Thank you for the amazing work :+1:

You all work so hard!! Without all of you the server wouldn’t even be half as great! Amazing work!

Thank chu, all staff. Y’all are the best ^-^

Thank you to all the beautiful people that Pande talked about! I’m grateful of all of your work \o/


Thanks to all of the staff, even some who aren’t mentioned here, without all of you guys Knockturn wouldn’t be a thing ^^

Thank you for all the awesome stuff you contribute!

Thank you all for your hard work! <3

Thank you everyone who has been helping out, especially those mentioned above. We all really appreciate the hard work.

Most thanks to @Crystal who doesn’t have a forum account, but still worked a lot in the background, keeping servers alive :smiley:

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Thank you so much, staff! :heart: You’re all truly amazing and work so hard to make Knockturn what it is. You’re amazing!