New Staff Role!


It’s the most interesting form of sharing our server with those that haven’t found us yet, and a great method for players to stay caught up with our content. As staff members have come and gone, the content of our channel has been left to volunteers. This is no longer going to be the case! You can now apply in Staff Applications to join the YouTube production team, receiving pay at a rate equal to the work you put into your projects.

Any accepted members will get to work with the Marketing heads to film great content of server activities - that’s right, get paid to participate in events and watch Quidditch!

The Breakdown:

This is a staff role, and any requirements expected of Helper+ should be expected for this role until stated otherwise. Other requirements will also be included due to the nature of the role.

All applicants should be:

  • Year 2 or higher
  • In good standing/Not in bad standing on the server
  • Able to edit or record videos
  • Willing to work on or in team projects that will be posted to Knockturn’s YT channel

We look forward to seeing people join our official YouTube team!