New Story Ideas

So I write a few books on Wattpad (@ Daisy_Doggo) and I had an idea, but I looked something up and it was a disney movie

the idea was ‘42 wishes’ basically this old person is turning 61, she has to light 42 candles, 42 days in a row before her birthday. She can wish to do anything, and she wishes to be young again. Okay, that happens, she’s a new transfer in the 12th grade. She wishes to be nice looking again. That happens, some nerdy kids like her. She wishes to be popular, and there she’s popular. And each chapter will be about 1k + words long, 1 chapter posted everyday. The titles: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. And when she reaches Day 42? You’ll have to wait and see

another idea:.
So I have this ongoing book called ‘The Astronaut’s Helmet’ Where basically it’s in a kid named Lucca’s point of view. A sub-book to that is ‘The Robot’s Body’ where it’s in the kid named Samantha Fox’s point of view (the girl and boy)

but Samantha has a cousin named Tyler who has feels for her best friend Trina (just saying that they are in 12th grade rn) and idk if I should make a third and fourth sub-book(s) in their point of views.

The title for Trina would be: ‘The Heart’s Love’
The title for Tyler would be: ‘The Rose’s Petals’

hhh just want some opinions…


I love the first one!!


oof turning 42* not 61 lol

should I do it? i want to but i also dunno

chants do it… doo itt. dOOO ITTT

The first one is amazing, doo itttttttt :0

Yesss it’s awesome

i probably will


ok yknow waht
im doing it

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doing it. hope i dont regret

The first one sounded a lot like 16 wishes from Disney… but nice idea


yeah I made the idea then looked up 42 wishes to make sure it was original and found the movies. Plus it’s airing on disney later in august (i had the idea in june but i didn’t think it was good)