New Year + Old Kristen = New Kristen?

A new year has come! changes are shaking up this place and y’know what? I feel like writing an introduction to myself so that I’m not mistaken for a newbie… again.

clears throat Hi! I’m Kristen! The evil-one-of-a-kind-short-lil-demon-with-a-giant-canadian-flag-who-loves-food-and-cooks-special-spicy-taytoes inhales, breaths out.

I’ve been here for almost 3 years, I live on a sailboat with my family and am sailing around the world! please take a minute or two if you need it to absorb that and read the rest of this instead of just being shook and having a heart attack, kthx.

I’m a pretty strange person if I do say so myself, but hey! the thing I love most about this server is that, it’s not what makes you fit in that makes you well known, but what makes you stand out! Puns are basically my weapon-- I mean thing to be well known for, I like to destroy-- I mean, entertain players as they play,

inner demon wants out… -loading- letting demon out…

Greetings, I’m Kristen’s demon, I don’t have a proper name yet but Kristen calls me some really foul things I’m not gonna mention here, right now anyway. I enjoy tearing barbie doll heads off and burning them for fun. I also love playing with fire. I even once murder–

OKAI, that’s enough demon talk for today… Most of you guys have met me already but hai, you can intro yourselves again too xD


I was actually ripping off Barbie heads while reading this