Welp, I’ve had this problem for awhile, but only recently did I find a way to somewhat solve it.

In the real world, my name is a hard one to come up with a nickname with. (those who know my real name, please refrain from speaking it here, thank you) So I decided to take the problem to google and see what nicknames came up. Here were the options, I’ve been laughing at them all day and I can’t choose which I like xD

  • PG
  • Penny
  • Peach
  • Peanut
  • Pigeon

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I know it’s strange to not say my real name here, but it’s just for privacy guys. Guess if you want, but I still won’t tell you if you’re right.


“Piegon” lol I love that

Peanut is just too beautiful

pigeon and peanut are neck and neck xD

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I like pigeon and peanut but peanut sounds better tbh uwu

I know your irl name but none of these sound right xD

I hate the obvious nickname of my real name Kath xD That’s why it’s not here xD

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suggesting for a new option: paper


Pigeon is beautiful
let the pigeon win

although i do know your irl name and none of these fit it ANYWAYS MOVING ON


can i call you padgie- i mean what

the peanutpigeon would be good

who’s that? its not a peanut… or a pigeon…


hi people i am the peanut pigeon i like dogs… im short bean

nuuuu the forbidden name ;-;

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omg peanut is back in the game xD I didn’t think this possible lol

Pigeon is winning again xD GO PIGEON xD

Peanut is winning? how can this be? xD

Peanut and Pigeon are neck and neck! again xD

pigeon is winning

WHEN Will tis enddd

It has come to and END. With a TIE. Question is, should I put another pole with only Peanut and Pigeon? xD


uh, oF courSE

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