Not a ban appeal, just something I need to say :)

Hi everyone.

I was formerly known as the rude player and student named Amy Collins, and I want to say something.
I do not want to rejoin the server, only to apologize. It is my decision to say this, and I want you to know it was not my parents or anyone else who thinks I have done wrong that forced me to say this.

I left for about a month a while ago and came back, apologizing, but then turned back to my horrid attitude. Now I apologize so I can feel better about my actions, not to get something petty like the position of helper.

In the time since I have been banned, I’ve thought a lot about my time on Knockturn. Though I greatly disagreed with Knockturns staff methods of controlling the players, it was incredibly disrespectful of me, to treat people on the server who work long and hard to make sure the players are happy playing on the server the way I did. To be honest, I miss Knockturn. It filled the hole inside me labeled, “Harry Potter Obession,” but I am starting school soon and would rather focus on my grades than playing minecraft.

I also want to just thank the staff, for somehow not lashing out and screaming while putting up with Amy Collins. I want to thank you for creating a server that I love so much, and enjoyed most of my time on. Your classes are wonderful, homework was fun for the first time in my life, and the fact that I could buy a shop, and own a business, made me so excited. It was the only server I could find that would allow me to search for a shop for sale that suited me and purchase it, making the space inside entirely my own. It is the only server that let me know people and have people work for and with me that I would see every day, not for 5 minutes before they said, “gtg eat dinner.” xD

I love the spells, books, and of course quidditch, (which sadly I discovered a hidden talent for right before I was banned), on your server. I just want to thank you for putting in the time and effort to make the server, and keep it as amazing as it should be.

Again, to Pandetta, Cris, Lisah, Max, Liam, and any others who may not come to mind right now, I am really truly sorry and incredibly ashamed.

I hope you’ll accept my apology.

  • Amy

Admitting all this takes a big person and I’m glad you are. Was your attitude the best on the server? No, but we all do things we may regret and yours just so happened to be here. I accept the appologe (I was Mod at the time let me have this moment and act like I’m relevant xD) I hope everyone can and that we can all move past this.


Take care Amy

I hope you’ll have a fantastic future and maybe one day we’ll see you again in the server, who knows? The message you wrote is touching though. You’ll be missed, bye! :slight_smile:


Aww Amy I miss you ;-;

see ya amy, hope you find something good in life :stuck_out_tongue:

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ive only grown since my ban but I have yet to learn like you have because when I think ive come a long way I look at people like you and realize I have more to go thank you for the inspiration and I wish you good luck in school to be able to focus on the future ahead of you.

~Zombiefandude AKA Zack Hill

message me if you return id like to see you in-game because I don’t think I have before the ban

Sure :slight_smile:

You too Chess

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I’ll miss you Amy, I hope you have a good school year and I’ll always remember you. I’ll miss going down to your bar and getting really drunk and I’ll always remember our wedding and the after party.


Hey I’m new to the server and all this but I just wanted to say that I found your water book, and that if you say something’s that you did were bad and can still write something so inspirational then the world isn’t that crap :grin:

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