Not getting my new patronus

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On October 17th est, I purchased the Pheonix Patronus off of the donator store. When I attempted to run the command to use my new patronus (./patronus 7) It said that I did not have permission. I thought that maybe it would come to me sometime soon but after a full 24 hours of waiting, it still said I don’t have permission to use this command. I tried re logging to see if that would trigger it but still nothing happened. I still got the same results of the command repeating that I don’t have permission.
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I am not sure how things like this work, but I believe that someone with the power to can give me the patronus themselves if the donater servers aren’t working properly at the moment.
Link To Related Bug Report
If this was caused by a bug in the Bug Report forum, please link it here.
I don’t recall any other bug reports referring to this topic.

Thank you for taking the time for reading over my ticket and assisting me with my problem.

hey sorry, this is prolly my fault. I don’t think i updated the donation store with the new commands still. I will run the command now.

I also fixed it so the donationshop should automatically give chatcolors, patronus, and wandeffects again

Thank you Pandette