One year guys, shook!

Are y’all shook yet? It’s my one year anniversary wow. I’m very confused as to how I ended up where I am though, but being here is just amazing. Sorry if I forget anyone, and also for the amount of writing. Gave me a headache too. Anyways, on with the post!

Funny enough, an inactive friend of mine introduced me to Knockturn. We were both really into Harry Potter and, you guessed it! Minecraft. So she started randomly searching online servers, and she found this one to play on exactly a year ago. She told me how great it was, and helped me get started. We both had no clue on how to do anything though :>. Her name on the server was Sara Mather, I doubt much of you remember her though because she stopped playing. Why, you may ask? Homework and she didn’t have much time to play anymore. That was it for her, but for me? Nah. I was a Harry Potter geek for life.

Anyways, I asked a whole lot of questions when I first started, and I met a few friends who helped me year up. The first friends I remember were Jack, Ash, and Lorlynn. I was helped a whole lot before I got to Year 2. I couldn’t even cast a spell for a whole week because I was so confused on how to use my wand. When I cast my first spell, not sure what it was I was basically on the moon, I was so ecstatic that I could cast.

My first non-verbal spell was the acromantula one, I don’t remember its name though. I just remember I loved killing acromantulas in the forest. Weird though, I remember how I got into spider-killing. I was in the forest, and I was kinda following the cobblestone-path, which lead to the spider area. I didn’t know or realize there were acromantulas in the area. Fact: Irl I can’t stand spiders. As a spider was about to kill me, I remember Lorlynn casting the acromantula spell at it. It wasn’t dead instantly, but I was able to not die that time. That was how I met Lorlynn, and I’m so glad I have. I do have a pretty bad memory though, you’ve been warned.

I remember loving to do homework. It was the best part of Hogwarts for me. Being a Prefect was my dream, and even though I didn’t make it, I still had so much fun writing up homework. My favorite kind would be stories, and even if the homework wasn’t a story, I would do it anyways. My first class was with Bellona, and the PA was Lilly Arima. The class was DADA, and the homework was to write about one of the house ghosts of Hogwarts. Being in Ravenclaw, you can guess which one I did. That’s right, Rowena Ravenclaw. Funny though, I expected myself to be in Hufflepuff and not Ravenclaw. I never wanted to try and switch when I was in Year 3 because I loved the people in Ravenclaw so much. It was actually memeclaw but, you know. Back to the story though, I did my homework on Rowena and I think I got 7 points. I’m not sure, was either 6, 7, or 8. From that moment, I knew I wanted to do homework for the rest of my Hogwarts experience! Wow, I’m a nerd guys.

In the Ravenclaw common room, I remember always sitting on my bed and doing homework with Elaine. So fast forward to year 3, I applied for Helper. When I did get it, it sort of became something I just love to do all the time. Help around and just see what I can do to help. Then, I applied for PA. Surprisingly, I got it! The classes I remember helping out for were CoMC, HoM, DADA, and a few more I can’t remember though.

Around that same time, I joined Mordonia. I remember it was around March when I first joined Mordonia, but I just hopped on and off. Max suggested I join Al-Marqesh. I was Vanessa Orabella, I was also aiming to be a Hunter. I was going to become Alicea Iani though, thanks to Lorlynn. She was on Mord more than Hogs, and so I transitioned a bit. Another factor of the switch for me was my Staplerik, was Erik Nesaea, and so I spent much more time on Mordonia. Stacey Longbottommm. So I was then killed by Regina Cardia, which was the first time I ever RP-ed, I loved it.

I loved Alicea because I felt like I could relate to her, and put my feelings into her. You can imagine how shocked and shook I was when Fance pm-ed me, and asked if Leopold and Alicea could be love interests. It was around the same time I applied and joined the Mordonia Lore team. Which was also around the same time I resigned from my roles on Hogwarts. This was also the time I applied for Mordonia Helper.

So I started to RP a whole lot with Fance as Leopold, and I’m so amazed, she’s one of my close friends. I really developed this love for roleplay because it just builds up a storyline.

A few people I’ve met, sorry if I don’t mention you -

Stacey - SHOOK it’s the Staplerik from Hogwarts. I love you so much because you’re such an amazing person to be around, and I loved the time we would play together on random servers and ToS, because it was just so fun. There’s nothing better than spamming caps with you. You’re the best sis ever sis, so keep on being amazing kay.

Fance - FANCE WOW, okay. Am so grateful because I don’t think my life, in game, and out, would be the same without you. You’re such a wonderful cheerful person to be around, and any RP with you just makes my day. So thank you for being that happy person with me, and putting up with me, and being there for me when I need someone to talk to.

Lorlynn - If it wasn’t for you, I would not be where I am at all. You gave me the chance to be Alicea, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that chance. You’ve always been so nice, no matter how annoying I am, so thank you for being there.

Gerry - Oof thank you for being there for me when I need someone, and I love you so much for that, thank youu :heart:.

Bellona and Kat - I remember that Astronomy lesson that Roran was teaching, we sat in a threesome huddle and just whisper talked the whole way through about Heathers. Or was it something else? Anyways, you both made my experience on Hogwarts amazing, so thank you for that <3.

Velvet - Best Lore Mama, you supported me as Alicea, and encouraged me for the Lore team, and that decision changed my experience of Mordonia, it made it so much better. Ily, thank you.

These are all the friends I’ve made since I’ve joined, I’m just going to go ahead and say I love you guys, thank you to all of you - Catherine, Lizzie, Ophelia, App, Siph, Elaine, Kiara, Josh, Max, Brian, Ashley, Bambi, Katherine, Ash, Jack, Luffy, Lizie, Cris, Lyra, Gunnar, Luna, Smol, Sami.


ahhh!! welcome to the y1 club! <3 lil elf ;3

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Aaaaahhhhh ty!!! LOVE YOUUU :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW <3 you :smiley: I shall forever make you laugh with my specialness! XD I can’t believe I killed you but… sorry not sorry :smiley: IT worked OUT!

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Congrats on one year bb <# <# You’re an amazing friend, and I’m glad we spent some time together on Hogs and Mord! (oml I remember that DADA class when we were talking about getting Y4 so much)

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MY LIL BB IS GROWING UP AHH ily and congrats on one year <3 am so proud of you ^u^

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Welcome to the 1 year club :smiley:

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Love ya sis <3. I still remember you attending my classes and always being attentive. You’re great inspiration and an amazing person. I love chatting with ya on Discord and miss playin with chu. Also, thanks for being there for me in general, happy one year anniversary!!!

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Welcome to the one year old squad! Now you can chill with the cool kids puts on the ugliest shades ever


Bambii - I’m still your elf :> Will always be your elf <3

Elainee - Ily tooo :heart: homework in the cr was so fun XD.

Faaaancy - Yus the specialness never ends! Oop no am glad you killed Vanessa! IT worked OUT!!

Kiaraa - Thanks, bb <# I’m glad we spent time together on both, we both got to Y4 around the same time though XD (That lesson was amaazing <#)

Vel - YES I’M A BIG NOODLE NOW :smiley: thankies :heart:

Goose - Thank youu :smile:

Staplerik - Your classes were amazing, I remember Herbology most though :> Am the geek that takes notes for homework! We should do a play morning/night again, definitely miss that. ily staplerik kay <3

Kath - I remember that Herbology lesson with you, and I came up with “The wrath of Kath” XD. Squad though, so puts on shades with Kath.


Hunaaaaaaa <3

Heyy, we got through the spider fear together. I’m really happy that I met you Huna, and I’ll always be here for you <3

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omg yes.
you will all feel the wrath of kath
Also, those shades look fab on you! .w.

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Aww Huna congrats on one year! Good to see my innocent little sister growing up :3 ^u^ ^<^