Opening Professor Role Again

Hello everyone, with the impending completion of the code for professor classes, I am opening the ability to apply for Professor again starting now to give our staff some time to approve new staff.

With the release, and since the classrooms method of hosting classes is changing so will the requirements for professors.

To even apply you must:
Be 13+
Must be Year 3 or Higher
To teach year 5+ You must have passed an OWL in that subject with an A or higher.

To be accepted:
You need to have a comprehensive understanding of the subject you want to teach
Have good writing abilities.
Be willing to grade homework from automated classes in the subject you teach.
Be willing to plan / teach 6 classes a month

Classes will operate a bit differently than they did. While a professor will schedule the start time, users will take a seat like in automated classes, and classes will automatically start on the schedule time whether the teacher is there or not, and unless the teacher ends the class early, it will automatically end after 45 minutes.

More will come, but for now, you are free to APPLY for professor.

Odd be ever in your favor.


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