Our Darkest Age (Tokyo Ghoul)

Heyo! So this is a “new” roleplay that will be picking up after Kaneki’s old one. It is a bit in the future, but not much has changed. If you would like, you can take one off the old characters from that roleplay. But making a completely new one is just fine as well! You may play as a ghoul or part of the CCG. Old rp:Tokyo Ghoul

In Kaneki’s last Tokyo Ghoul Role Play, a team was formed to take on the most powerful CCG investigators. Even with their combined abilities, even they couldn’t overpower Kira. Kira broke them apart, tearing down everyone’s morals. Now on the run, the last of the group is being hunted. How are they suppose to recover? Will they be able to band together to survive?

Ps: if you don’t know much about Tokyo ghoul, basically ghouls are people who are only able to consume human flesh as their “RC cells” prevent them from eating normal food. However, these RC cells double as weapons and form into what is called kagunes. The CCG is a police force, formed to hunt and kill all ghouls as their diet scared most. The CCG investigators use what are called quinques to fight back. Here’s a good site for explaining the different types of kagunes: http://tokyoghoul.wikia.com/wiki/Kagune

Here’s the form to join:

Weapon/Kagune: (Only old characters who were given a second Kagune may have 2)
General Description:

My Character:
New/Old: Old
Name: Kirk Lawson
Race: Ghoul
Weapon/Kagune: Bikaku Kagune + Koukaku Kagune
Age: 18
General Description: Kirk is fairly pale with sandy blonde hair. He has green eyes and a fairly muscular build. He tends to doubt himself and blame himself for things that have nothing to do with him. However, he is independent and is used to working alone. He is sarcastic and often sometimes rude.

( @Geentiger829 @Kaneki @Sofia @AnaCloud @MightyThor1198 @Crystal_Silver Plz join ;-; )

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Name: altix rento ( changed his name after the kira attacks)
Race: Ghoul
Weapon: rinkaku Kagune Bikaku Kagune
Age: 20
General description

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(omg I wish I could (forgot I still get included to in role-plays xD) but I won’t be online for a while, I can make a character that you can use tho, as an NPC)

New/Old: New
Name: Valentine Taylor
Race: Ghoul
Weapon/Kagune: (forgotten the name of Touka’s Kagune, but mine is blue/purple instead of red/organe)
Age: 17
General Description: ghostly pale, long auburn hair, freckles that pepper her nose and around her eyes. She’s known as the Raccoon of city alleyways. A loner. She has problems talking to others, never looks anyone in the eye unless she’s disposing of them and is very fast. No friends, only allies and fierce enemies.

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New/Old: New
Name: Cherie Century
Race: …Centaur. No? Fine. Hoomin…?
Weapon/Kagune: Her fingernails… or a nice stick
Age: 18
General Description: She has rather messy dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She doesn’t know what Tokyo Ghoul is like me.
She is medium height and pretty skinny. Help.

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(When you see @Crystal_Silver 's after writing a nearly identical character in all but name and hair color XD(But since she put it as a potential npc, Imma gonna keep my stuffs for now if dats oki))

New/Old: New
Name: Ivy Rose
Race: Ghoul
Weapon/Kagune: Ukaku(Red/White)
Age: 19
General Description: Ivy has long, crimson hair that curls down to her waist. Her deep green eyes and rosey cheeks bring the only color to her pale skin. She is thin, but she makes up for a strong body with incredible speed.
Known to the world as the poison thorn, Ivy attacks anywhere she may need, but does it with such speed that you barely knew it started when it’s already over.
Ivy used to be one of three thorns. However, due to their deaths, she no longer fights with others. She tears herself apart for not being able to save them and often is absent-minded near others, stuck inside her head.


(I’m really starting to like these characters! We can start now, and anyone else who would like to join us welcome. If anyone would like to take Crystal’s character until she is able to, go ahead :3)

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Kirk held his stomach, feeling a sharp pain. “I need to quit starving myself just to stay hidden…” He muttered to himself. Slowly he pulled out a mask, painted white with black stripes like a tiger. He started to pace around the dark alleys looking for any morsel that dares cross his path.

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Ivy sat in an alley, her curly hair falling over her shoulders as she looked down at a picture. She put it in her pocket before braiding her hair and swirling it into a bun. She placed a white mask with swirling green, thorn-covered vines on her face as she stood up.

Cherie clutched her notebook to her chest, walking fast and keeping her head down. Out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw a striped mask hovering in the shadows, but she ignored it.

Altix sat on top of the roof of a skyscraper
“Getting alittle hungry.”
he places a half black and half white mask over his face, it had a smile on it, he then drops off the roof.

@OllieDivine @oLlIedIvIne

Kirk raised his head, feeling the scent enter his nose. “Please don’t run…” he muttered, slowly making his way toward them without distressing them.

Cherie heard something behind her. She turned slowly, her blue eyes bright with fear.

Kirk was now standing over her, smirking behind the mask. He held up a finger in front of the mask as if to hush her. “Don’t scream now. It’ll be a lot easier for the both of us.”

She froze. She lowered her notebook, revealing an intricate drawing of a pale guy with sandy blonde hair and green eyes.

“What… Are you going to do to me…?” She asked quietly.

Kirk’s eyes narrowed, scanning the notebook. His dark red eyes slowly turned back to their normal green as he surppressed his hunger more. He gritted his teeth. “Just one… one bite… I’m so… hungry…”

“B -bite?” she whimpered. “H-how big… of a bite?”

She nervously fingered the pencil in her hand.

A slight glow appeared from between two buildings in view of Cherie before fading as quickly as it had lit.


Kirk took a step back, taking a deep breath. “How the crap am I suppose to do this if I can’t even bring myself to kill one little poor morsel?” He sigh heavily, his attention quickly caught by the glow.