Owl Mail creates unusable items [FeatherMail]

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What is the Bug?: When picking items (any items) out of your owl mail sometimes, it turns into this. (see screenshot)
These knuts are not exchangeable for sickles.

What version of Minecraft are you using?: 1.11.2

Steps to reproduce bug:

  • Not sure as it happens randomly to me

IGN: SpacePiggyLol

Did you relog?: Multiple times throughout the day

NOTE: I would like these items to be fixed and returned to me in their normal form (aka removing the glitched ones and giving me duplicated normal ones)

I will look into it… weird.

Sorry but if possible can I have the broken knuts in my inventory replaces with normal ones?

has this bug occurred since the first incident ?

It has occurred multiple times before but I just now reported it bc its money. I don’t get much owl mail tho so no it hasn’t happened.

Was this ever resolved?

I didn’t get usable knuts, but I think I just lost hope and threw away the unusable knuts xD
I don’t know if the bug was fixed though. I haven’t gotten mail in a while. It would be nice if I could get as many knuts as in the screenshot returned back to me in normal form. If I remember correctly, this issue is also a problem with the owl mail in mordonia.

Duplicate of another bug report