PA Resignation - Katherine Longbottom

This is gonna be a brief little thing. I don’t want to be PA anymore because I know that I’m not doing any work, so I’m just taking up space. I know auto classes are the next big thing, and I, being lore team, am helping make them possible, but ever since auto classes, the fun of being PA has just been drained. I don’t know your opinions on it, but this is mine.

I would like to give a shoutout to my most memorable experiences as PA.

When I wasn’t even a PA and Gracen made me assist her class anyways
When Alana and I were the only active PA’s
When Stacey proposed to me in front of a first year Flying Class

Shoutout to Alana for being my role model. After she got Prof Assist it was my goal to be one with her, and I accomplished my goal. If it wasn’t for Alana, I probably wouldn’t be here resigning, and I probably wouldn’t even have the role. I miss you Alana and even though you’re probably not reading this… YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY SECRET TWIN <3 ILY

Love ya fiance/daughter, chu were an amazing PA~