Percy Jackson RP remake

I remember doing a Percy Jackson rp back in May, and I thought it would be really fun to remake it!

For those of you who don’t know what Percy Jackson is (someone help you if you don’t), its about demigods in Greek/Roman mythology. These people are at a camp, called Half-Blood, ran by Chiron the centaur. If you want more information look it up on google, I’m bad at explaining things…

If you want to be a conseller tell me when you join the rp

  1. Zeus
  2. Hera (Unoccupied)
  3. Poseidon
  4. Ares
  5. Apollo: Meridian
  6. Hephaestus: Alaina (counselor)
  7. Hermes: Cordelia (Counselor), Astoria, Alan
  8. Demeter: Leonardo (Counselor)
  9. Athena: Victor (Counselor)
  10. Artemis (Unoccupied)
  11. Aphrodite: Eliana (Counselor), Aurelius
  12. Dionysus

Rules/More info (As well as all rules of the forums)

  • Don’t join Hera or Artemis or any virgin goddesses’s cabin (Except Athena, she’s complicated…)
  • This is set BEFORE the series, so if you are a minor god/goddess’s child that is fine, just you will be shoved into Hermes
  • Please do not be overpowered, especially if you are a child of the Big Three (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades)
  • Also please be at least 1/2 human unless I give you perms to do otherwise

To join, reply with this format:
Character Name:
Godly Parent:
Weapon of choice:


Character Name: Cordelia Tucci
Male/Female: Female
Age: 15
Godly Parent: Nemesis (Hermes Cabin)
Personality: Let’s see how rp goes (Sorry I’m bad at personality traits)
Looks: Curly black hair, blue eyes, fair skin
Weapon of Choice: Longsword

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Character Name: Astoria Banyacs (aka best lastname ever)
Male/Female: Femalelelelelele
Age: 14
Godly Parent: Hecate (Hermes cabin)
Personality: Loner, smart, introverted, odd, doesn’t care what people think, sarcastic
Looks: Short, curly blonde hair that ends just an inch below her chin, blue-ish green eyes.
Weapon of choice: the mist / magic and occasionally an axe


Character Name: Eliana Deveraux
Male/Female: Female
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
Personality: Imaginative, fiery, intelligent, kind (under a solid layer of sass), social/works well in groups, confident, playful, clever/quick-witted
Looks: Mid-back length, reddish-brown hair, hazel eyes, smaller than average height (approx. 5’3’’) and slender
Weapon of choice: Battleaxe

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(Imma sit back and watch this die)

(All rps die XD)

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(Btw you all can start rping whenever you like while we get more people, oh and we’re starting with 1st day of camp orientation if that’s a thing?)

Character Name: Aurelius LeBeau
Male/Female: Male
Age: 15
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
Personality: Cunning, witty, flirtatious ;), smart, sassy, very confident, patient but can get very annoyed once he stops being patient xD
Looks: Dirty blond hair to his shoulders, bright blue eyes, about 6ft, thin and lean
Weapon of choice: Spear


Character Name: Leonardo Divara
Male/Female: Male
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Demeter
Personality: Loyal, prideful, playful, patient and cunning.
Looks: Longish jet black hair and emerald green eyes. Tall, about 5’ 10" and fairly muscular.
Weapon of choice: Sword

(counselor pwease? :3)

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(Question : can I be Athena’s child? @AtomosaTheFoster)

Character Name: Victor Marseille
Male/Female: Male
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Athena (I’ll change if not)
Personality: Victor is strong-willed and wise, cunning and clever. He is sometimes serious, but mostly rather humorous and kind. It takes a lot to anger and annoy him. He usually keeps open and smart, quite likable.
Looks: He has grey eyes, said to be silver. He has blond, curly short hair and high cheekbones. He is 6’0 and slender, slightly muscular. Pale. Wears light brown pants, silver turtleneck and carries around a black cloak.
Weapon of choice: Recurve Bow and arrows. He has magic, but it’s not used much.

(Forgot to ask, could I maybe likely possibly be a counselor? :wink: )

Character Name: Meridian Ciel
Male/Female: Male
Age: 15
Godly Parent: Apollo
Personality: Kind, caring, sunny and smiley. However, he is kind to all. He has difficulty with trust and second guesses everything around him. He can be shy from time to time, but is very honest and open with people quickly due to having an all honesty policy.
Looks: Pale skin, medium lightness of curly brown hair. Stands at 5’7’’. He commonly wears short-sleeve, patterned button-ups and bright colored shorts.
Weapon of choice: Flail with a hook at the end.

As long as you aren’t joining a cabin with a lot of people so that we can spread it out I’m good (So yes go ahead and be Athena)

As whoever asked to be counselor may

(K, neat. How should we start RP?)

(Meet in the mess hall where meals are)
Chiron stands at the head of the mess hall, watching demigods old and new coming to Half-blood

He strolls through the mess hall, taking a seat next to some people. He brushed through his curls as he watched everyone. Grinning, he started a quiet chit-chat with a few people around him.

Cordelia sits at the head of Herme’s table, watching the new arrivals

he walks into the hall, looking around at the food and people, his eyes settling on Chiron. Smiling, he sits down at a table by himself (for now)

@Kiara (we gotta be aphrodite fam)

Character Name: Alan Brown
Female/Male: Male
Age 15
Godly parent: hades
Personality: kind, smart, strategic, pretty fast, and string,
Loyal, HATES His dad.
Looks: long brown hair blue eyes 5’11 175 pounds
Weapon of choice: bow and arrow