Pets and Mob Update

Pet and Mobs Update

June 22, 2020
Thank you Pande for this changelog!


  • Mobs now drop a loot box instead of a bunch of junk.
  • You have 3 minutes to pick it up and only someone who helped kill the mob can open it.
  • Only one person can look @ the lootbox at a time.
  • Demonic sheps are currently bugged and have been removed until we can fix them


  • Pets no longer move the same way, we know sometimes they move funky, this will be improved in the future
  • Pets now will get hungry over time, and will die if they reach 0%. At this time, pets are setup to each all food. The preferences will be re-added soon, so for now I recommend buying the food the pet likes to eat if you know it so you wont regret buying a bunch of food they don’t later.
  • You can now have up to 3 pets of the same type, and if you had a pet on Mordonia before they closed on Knockturn networks, you will find it has returned to you
  • Sit is no longer an option, neither is life spans.
  • Pets will not enjoy flying after 10 seconds and disappear if you attempt to fly, in the future this will be improved so sheps dont go flying too far
  • Pets only get hungry when they are out ~ you can leave them in the leash like neopets.


  • Pet icons were created by the texture artists, give them a round of applause.
  • Pet leashes now have the texture that only optifine people saw.
  • !!!There is a new resource pack for this update!!!

Selling Back / Exchanging

  • Pets have new food and leash items
  • You can sell back pet tickets / food / leashes that you buy in stores in the junk shop in Diagon.
  • New copies will be purchasable in the original store.
  • Any special pet tickets will need to be exchanged by an owner.
  • Old pet tickets will have to be turned in to an owner in exchange for an updated version, so please request help for that if you have an old pet ticket.
  • Do /guide CandyBuy from /spawn to arrive at a shop where you can exchange them back for money.