PinkieTrash - Pinkie Schoenheit - Being in creative (I think)

PinkieTrash - Pinkie Schoenheit - Being in creative (I think)

Minecraft Username: PinkieTrash

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Pinkie Schoenheit

Reason for Ban: Being in creative (I think)

Why should we let you back in?

  • I feel like this issue was so long ago, probably 2 years now, that I think it’s not relevant anymore. Yeah, what I did was wrong (and if you’re a staff member that doesn’t remember what happened, basically I was in creative for a year as an admin and stocked my shop on occasion, Pande made a global message about that on the discord but it’s hard to wrap your head around), and I’m not even going to argue anything because I’m tired and exhausted of fighting about anything anymore. I’m not going to apply for staff again (I’ll probably get denied anyway, and I’m apply to colleges so I’m not even on minecraft all the time, like a few day spree and then I’m out for a month), or even talk about what happened, I bet very few people remember what happened anyway. I’d like to see where the server is now, I’ve only heard bits and pieces from people I still talk to occasionally like Binoku, Draco, Seph, Owen, etc, but it would be interesting to just take a look myself. I don’t have a full-on speech on why I should be unbanned, I still disagree with how some stuff is run on the server, but I’m going to argue my opinion here, or anywhere on the server. I’m just a simple oldie, wanting some nostalgia, not much else to that.

Did you read our rules? (You will be asked to prove you did before being unbanned)

  • I was an admin for a good time, so I kinda know the rules, it’s just common sense, but I did just scim over it

Have you been banned and unbanned before this?

  • I was falsely banned for about a month for some reason I can’t think of, but I remember being unbanned because I was proven innocent or something, other than that no

Mmmm, You literally were in creative filling a shop with items and selling it to people, and when you were caught you literally told us that ‘I disagreed with the lack of admin shops and made a shop to counter that’. Basically thinking you were above the rules. If I recall correctly, we only made a global post AFTER you bad mouthed the fact you got banned to everyone, and falsified the reason for the ban. By the way you are making this post, it seems like you don’t really have any change of heart from previous things.

You also specifically lied to me and said that you were in creative but didnt realize it and had never used it. By the fact you continuously want to falsify why you were banned and outright lie in some instances to make yourself look good, I am posting this response publically.

Also, as for ‘false’ I believe you were banned for handing out heads to users to the point many people still have them now. So you were already punished for abusing creative, then got in trouble for the same thing.

My vote is no.

This appeal has been denied. Due to the lateness of the decision made, the user does not need to wait 2 weeks to apply again.