Player Report Elder (AlgebraManiacABC) Flamel - Exploit glitching wand tickets

Player I’m Reporting IGN: AlgebraManiacABC - Name: Elder Flamel

Offence: Exploiting wand ticket glitch

Full Account of the event:
So me and my mates were on the server at the wand shop and we grinder galleons for ages to get enough tickets to see what wands we could get. we spent money on like 30 tickets. Elder who has expressed his global opinion on trying out powerful wands, joined us (uninvited) and told us the exploit which is passing the wand to another player to right click if you don’t want the wand which will automatically make it turn into a ticket again so you get unlimited used from one ticket. Whilst me and my friends worked for the money to buy tickets he paid for one and tried to get us to help him exploit so he can get a powerful wand of his choice for no less than 7 galleons.

Evidence: 49

I find this highly insulting to the players who work hard for their money on the server and shows that some will go to lengths for ‘power’…

We are currently looking into this. Thank you for the report.

Our official statement on this is that we do not mind having players do this as lore-wise, Ollivander takes preference into account. We understand your frustration, but this is not against the rules.


Its perfectly acceptable to use this ‘exploit’ because its been known for quite some time & every time I say the same: We used to have a system that allowed people to just choose their wand, but because some people couldn’t follow simple directions, this system was not kept, however, you shouldn’t be punished because someone else isn’t the brightest wand in the store. As such, passing a wand to someone who cannot claim it is not a bug, its a feature, and its acceptable to do so. ~ thank you for your concern though