Player report for repeated casting without permission

I would like to report the player Julian Richards for repeatedly casting on me at Hagrids - I could not ask him to stop as he continued to cast the spell silencio on me. He then proceeded to spam bombarda at me and I could do nothing as I was under the spell Silencio.

This situation started when I was the player John Wells and I were casting on each other and I had used the spell Mimble Wimble. John asked me to stop - and I did and the both of us stopped casting and waited for our spell effects to wear off. At this point Julian decided to get involved and would not leave me alone - even when I explained the context of which me and John were casting on each other.

Screenshots: (Although in the screenshots provided John is also seen to be casting on me, This report is not aimed at him as the two of us (as i have previously mentioned) had been fighting before and we were evenly matched and I was okay with this - It was julian who was interfering and ruining it for us)

Here, you can see him casting silencio on me

Here you can see me cornered in a protego bubble as Julian is outside, wand drawn

Here, you can see a spell shooting towards me, casted by Julian

Turn player pvp off? – > it won’t stop silencio but he won’t be able to hit you with any attack spells: Also in future event that you want to ‘fight’ with someone, why not do a duel with them, then he wouldn’t be able to interrupt at all your ‘fight’

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Okay I will do that in the future, thank you for the response :slight_smile:

player pvp off doesn’t do anything at hogwarts if I recall correctly? It’s a pvp enabled area

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