Player report for stealing money - Jade (LightningBolt_AP) Potter

Problem a player online stole the money from a Demonic Shep that I killed with the help of 2 other players. proof:
the player that I’m reporting was standing there (next to the shep) and he told me before that he was to poor to buy the broom that I was selling for 80 galleons and then after he stole the money he says he suddenly has 100 galleons which makes no sence if you know what I mean, He says that he was killing sheep with is 100% BS because he was just standing there waiting for the chance to take the money when we did all of the work

Request for Solution give me the money that I lost and take it away from the player that stole it

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@Jade_Potter You did a post once and we are handling it, give us time- and again wrong category. Look for Report Offences next time and DONT do another post

sorry you just told me that it was the wrong section

moved it to report offence

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