Player Report - James Auditore aka TraitorSnek - Player disrespect + Harassment

My IGN: JaySpark (aka Matthew Potter)

Player I am reporting: TraitorSnek aka James Audtiore

Offence: Player disrespect + Harassment.

Sidenote before I continue: As James is a staff member he has used to this prevent me from reporting him, saying to me that I can’t report a ‘staff’ basically saying he is untouchable. I believe as a staff the following proves he is not setting a good example.

What Happened?: Earlier yesterday, James approached me while the servers were being restarted, randomly and threatened me. Claimed I bullied a player into doing something because someone had told him so (Note he assumed this and did not ask me for my side of things before threatening me) - as he was not directly involved I asked him to leave me alone. He didn’t stop. He kept messaging me hurtful messages like ‘you’re a bully, you’re worthless’ etc. When I stated I would report him he brought up his staff rank, which made me feel like I couldn’t stop his harassment. Because he wouldn’t leave me alone, I left the server for the night. As when I returned occasionally again he would continue to message me, mentally breaking me down.

When I was at hagrids he wouldn’t stop throwing me into the air and trying to kill me despite me begging and pleading him to stop. His oddly pathetic defence was this: “I was testing if you had Molliare non-verbal derr” and made other people join him and laugh at me.

I joined the server this morning and it was quite laggy. So in the house chat I expressed my dismay that it was effecting my charms exam, and a discussion had sparked. When all of sudden James made a comment saying ’ Literally everything Annoys you Matthew’ making an uncalled for insult for no reason at all just to upset me. Evidence:


Then later today I again was at hagrids trying to get my vices gulped to godlike when James after yesterdays events casted at me again, for which I said ‘oh no’. And which he responded ‘Shut the fuck up mate… no one cares’ for which I tried to kindly ask him to stop with ‘James can you please stop talking to me rudely’ for which James responded (keep in mind he kept saying he was staff previously) : ',Matthew can you please stop being such a pretentious prat?" - I didn’t want him harassing me again so I had to again leave the server. Evidence:



Final Note: I don’t know what can be done about a staff member who gets involved in drama that ended months / weeks ago, starts fights on house chat, harasses players who ask him to kindly stop. I opened a helpop not knowing what to do, Harry King gave me the confidence to post this report saying 'No one is untouchable" . I hope that is true. Because the amount of times this player has pulled rank on me to be mean to me is becoming quite overwhelming. I am not saying I am perfect In anyway. I in fact have been warned by Pandette herself for being passive aggressive. But ever since then I have turned a new leaf, and it is becoming hard to improve myself when players like this set a bad example for the staff team.

I don’t want any beef with anyone, even James but he seems insistent that I end up leaving knockturn everyday upset and not being able to play. I just want this to stop. I tried asking him politely but it didn’t work. I guess this is my last resort.

Thank you for reading, Much love

  • Matthew Potter

No one is untouchable in this server, not even owners and hence we’ll definitely be checking into this. If there’s any further issues please Discord Message me. :slightly_smiling_face: