Player Report- portkeying 3 ppl out of class and generally attacking ppl- Polaty ellis/harypoter

I was retrying my flying test and then suddenly I see a portkey is being thrown, I tried to run but only noticed it as it nearly tped ppl so I didnt get away on time. it also teleported Aiden Grant and Scorpio sinatra. sadly I don’t have any proof of being in class.

When did this happen?

In future cases I recommend having /sidealong set to denied so that you don’t get portkey’d out of class.

We’ll try out best to look into this

around 20 minutes or so.

thank you!
this is the first time it happened to me so I didnt expect it.

Seems last time she was on was 37 minutes ago, are you sure it was her? And if so, why?

well maybe when im annoyed I dont notice time xD
im positive it was him as ik him irl and i was on a vc with jade and she said that he portkeyed some random ppl out of a class.

I have proof from a whatsapp message but its not in English, not sure if I should send it or not

Portkeys that teleport other people are only official portkeys so they cant teleport you somewhere you can be harmed, but as said, keep sidealong off unless you are actively using it helps.