Poisin_Kat - Katna Malamius - Entering and Tourguiding Restricted Areas


ie: iarepandemonium - Pandetta Bell - Trolling

Minecraft Username: Poisin_Kat

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Katna Malamius

Discord (if applicable): Not applicable. I’m not in the Knockturn Discord currently.

Reason for Ban: Entering forbidden areas, among other mischief.

Why should we let you back in? A lot has happened since I was last on the server back in June of 2018, both in relation to the server and to my life in general. The things that are most well known about what happened during those 23 months aren’t stories that necessarily bring light to my name; I got rejected on 3 ban appeals, got grouped into a circle of spiteful friends, yelled at Pandette about how unfair everything was, and slowly lost every friend I used to have on Knockturn. I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t become one of those people that appeals until they’re eventually told that they’re not allowed to appeal anymore, and I even said in my last appeal (April 2019) that I would not appeal a fourth time. I knew and still know that what I did and how I acted would most likely make me unappealable; for one, no sane person should message and attack the owner out of frustration like I did. Despite this, I still kept finding myself starting to write new appeals every now and then just because I missed Knockturn.

That brings us to the real life segment of what has changed. As we all know, corona is attacking the world and because my mom is immunocompromised, I haven’t left the house in nearly 2 months. Knockturn used to be my source of comfort and a way to distract myself from the things around me, being something that I would spend multitudes of hours per day playing. I was reminded of this during this quarantine, now that my once upcoming prom and graduation have been cancelled and my final high school year is in shambles. I don’t imagine Knockturn could become that source of comfort for me again, but I remember one time many years ago Pandette said something like “If we didn’t have problems in our lives, we wouldn’t be playing a Minecraft Harry Potter game.” Since the ban, I have had so much time away from the server to truly learn and appreciate what I have been missing. I know that when I say that as a 17 year old it probably sounds quite cheesy, but Knockturn has had such a long lasting impact on me. I suppose the reason I want back is because I want to revisit the good memories instead of being constantly reminded of what I once did. This server has taught me life lessons, helped me develop my social life, and in general was just a blast to be on. My nephew still mocks me to this day about how much time I spent on Knockturn.

I first joined the server when I was 12 years old. Today, I am 17 years old and about to go to university. To say that I have since gone through a lot of changes in my life is an understatement, and that is essentially my argument for why I should be let back into Knockturn’s community. For the co-owners who have been on this server as long as I have, you have watched me develop and change as a person. After all, I was going into this as a young teen, a section of life which can have some of the most regrettable and cringe worthy years of one’s life. Things such as phases, beliefs, or mistakes are to be expected during this time of someone’s life, but my severe lack of judgement calls led directly to me causing harm for the server. While I joined as an excited and bubbly kid, I left as a brat who had little respect for the rules and people I once worked with. My wish with this ban appeal and any experience with the server moving forward is to create a new definition for myself on this server and show that I’ve continued to grow since I left, and that I have since become a better person. In those 2 years since the ban, I have discovered a lot about myself and found an appreciation of things in life I didn’t have before. While I may no longer be the kid that strives to hand in homework worthy of 20 points each class, I’m also no longer the kid that toured friends around admin restricted areas.

I still vividly remember my mistakes on the server and I am absolutely ashamed about them, just because of how downright stupid I was to make them. Some of the big ones that haunt me are things like lying to try and get out of trouble when I was about to be demoted, using my knowledge from being staff to share restricted areas with friends, accepting inside information about my appeal from staff friends, and of course attacking Pandette with baseless accusations that the server was suffering because of staff abuse. I hate to admit that things such as these happened–I mentally kick myself each time I reflect on them–but I cannot claim that I have changed as a person if I don’t address that I have made significant mistakes in the past. I could easily tell myself that I was in the right, that it wasn’t my fault it happened, or that I was simply misunderstood, but I have come to accept responsibility. I have spent a lot of time reflecting and have worked on letting go of grudges that I once had. I don’t want to be known for the mistakes I made, but that is something I absolutely have done and have to admit with shame. I have much more respect and self-discipline than I did back then, and it’s just painful to know that I am the one who did those things. I truly apologize and ask for forgiveness for what I did, and I hope that I can be given another chance, just to relive memories if nothing else. Thank you.

Did you read our rules? (You will be asked to prove you did before being unbanned): Yes. I have read over them to refresh my knowledge and to see if there were any new additions.

Have you been banned and unbanned before this?: Not in this sense. I’ve had bans that might show up on some record (if one exists), but they were either for testing, messing around with staff back when I was big on the server, or once because some plugin thought I was advertising. I was never banned for actually breaking rules before this current one.


This appeal has been approved. You’ve been unbanned.