POLL! Quidditch and Dueling

Hey there, traveller! You have come a very long way here, take a break and read through this poll and give me your opinion! :blush:

Monthly House Events, how should they be?

  • A) 1 month Quidditch, 1 month Dueling
  • B) Quidditch and Dueling at the same time
  • C) Other (say below in comments)

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For A) means: One in-game school year would be Quidditch, the next in-game school year would be House Dueling.

For B) means: Let’s say first Quidditch match at 2 pm, first Dueling match at 3 pm, second Quidditch match at 4 pm, second Dueling match at 5 pm. Times would be decided in case this option wins, more likely with yet another poll about players’ availability.

Spam me with ideas, opinions, anything! I ask for as much as you all can think of - this is for the community, who else would I be asking if not the community itself. :grin:

Thank you, adios amigos :sparkles:


Just a quick developer perspective here. One month off time allows us to balance both spells and quidditch in the time the other league is playing :+1: