Poll: Time Zones?

I was curious about where people where mainly from on KTN. If your timezone is not on here, reply where you live. I hope I included all the main ones. (Their all abreviated cuz i’m to lazy to write them out.)

  • ECT
  • EET
  • MET
  • ACT
  • AET
  • NST
  • HST
  • AST
  • PST
  • MST
  • CST
  • EST
  • PRT
  • CNT
  • NET

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I would like to say, mines weird. I don’t do daylight savings where I live, so even though I say I’m in MST, right now my time zone is like Jordan’s or Ult’s (to name a couple)

Idk where half of these are from :thinking:

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Im in gmt+2

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Things like gmt+1 or gmt+2 or gmt+# also have their own abbreviations which is why ya might not know some. Look up your timezone to find the abbreviation :slight_smile:
I’m on vacation rn so I’m actually in EEST / EET (Eastern European summer time) but I live in PST (pacific standard time)

Also @AtomosaTheFoster doesn’t all of America do daylight savings?

2 states don’t.

GMT+13 at the moment ofc xD

PST is a 10/10 acronym can I just say xD

it stands for pacific standard time wdym? xD

Ya know when someone whispers to you they go “pssttt”