Portkeys working in Towny [Spellcore] - [Towny]


I will ban for 48 hours anyone who submits a bug report before reading this documentation. If you submit a bug report that is not legit, you will get tempbanned, you’ve been warned.
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Lumos gives entire server Night Vision - [Spellbook|Charms] - [Hogwarts]
Random items dropping from owls - [UNKNOWN] - [Hogwarts]
Shops is bugging out due to alcohol - [KShops] - [ALL]

What is the Bug?:
Portkeys are working in towny, teleporting people to unintentional locations. (Should be locked to just Hogwarts?)
I haven’t attempted this with any other Portkey apart from the “Great Hall” one.

What version of Minecraft are you using?: 1.12.2

Steps to reproduce bug:
//BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. If your steps are not clear or missing pieces we may not be able to find the bug and label it ‘this user is stupid’.

  • Buy a portkey from the portkey shop
  • /switch to towny
  • Throw portkey on the ground and step into the area

Is there anything else to include that isn’t part of reproducing it?


Did you relog before submitting this bug report?

Did you actually check the other bug reports first?

Did you make sure your title is CLEAR and to the POINT not something cute or poorly worded so we can identify this bug with it’s content?

Did you actually follow the documentation or did you think ‘nah i will risk a 48 ban to post something stupid’?

Pretty sure this is assumed. Idk if it matters ? Maybe depends on whatever @LynxPlay wants unless another co owner has issues with it. Could also be community vote thing

To be honest port-keys should not work in towny. It is not really a wizard world, and adding a world tag to the portkey after selling so many already is not gonna work to well

If these were kept, maybe they could be certain places of interest in towny?
Just have to make sure that the places which you are taken to are safe. (I remember the warp to ‘GH’ had a drop which killed me - I was on low HP though)

We could just add node at end and aply to new only

How are you even usinb portkeys when o banned you?

This report was from beforehand, I just didn’t get around to filing it (I only recently found out about the website when I went to appeal)

This wouldn’t be possible, as Portkeys don’t take you to a “place” - they take you to a specific coordinate. That’s why portkey users always go to the exact same spot in the Great Hall or Astro tower.

So, if that coordinate is in the middle of nowhere in Towny, then you’re going to be in the middle of nowhere whether it’s safe or not.

Just build around those coordinates?