Possible Star Wars roleplay

I would like me to do a semi Star Wars rp, set on the planet weik. It is a primitive planet, inhabited by humans and twileks, set permanently in an earth like medieval period. The force is considered magic and multiple “shardfalls” (starship crashes) supply limited technology, such as lightsabers (dawn blade), blasters (sun spitters), and various bits of armor. This post is just to gauge interest. For more info on the planet, you can listen to season five of the podcast “dice for brains”, or look up Weik on wookieepedia.

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RP name: paladin Matuni
Species: twilek
Weapon: dawn blade
Age: 43
Gender: male
Other: he is red

I regret to say that due to the apparent lack of interest, I will not be starting this rp.

Ahh dang it a star wars rp sounds cool

If we get more people I’d be down for this. Sounds like a great time :slight_smile:

i would def be down for it

Well I think we have enough now. I’ll start this afternoon when I get home.


I’d join as well, I don’t know that much about star wars but I know enough and have done star wars rps as well

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Yesssss can’t wait

This is technically necro-posting.
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RP name: Aayla Doneeta
Species: twilek
Weapon: dawn blade
Age: 22
Gender: female
Other: she is green

Rp name: Alex Zenoto
Species: human
Weapon: dawn blade(but has a small pistol if that’s okay if not that’s okay as well)
Other: has silver hair and red eyes

(I’ve listened to that dice for brains season so I know how ths works.)

We should try and get this started soon

RP name: Zach Marsh
Species: human
Weapon: sun spitter
Age: 35
Gender: male
Other: idk, might add something here when I get around to listening to the podcast ;n;

(Btw, a jedi on Weik is named a paladin.)

(interesting I did not know that)

RP name: Madysen Carnli
Species: human
Weapon: Dawnblade
Age: 24
Gender: male
Other: Paladin

I’m gonna create a separate thread for this. So keep your characters, but post them on the new thread.