Probably the last quotes post for a while (133 quotes)

k so
q u o t e s .

ok so since i probably won’t log on for a bit except for like drama club and things i doubt i will collect many quotes unless someone pings me on discord
we have reached 134 which is pretty impressive ngl
side note i thought it was 134 but i think its 133
ok so first of all the leaderboard

Tal in first place with 18 quotes

Saige in 2nd with a total of 15

Michael in 3rd with 12

Emma and Min tied for 4th with 9

Lilly (Arima) in 5th place with 6 quotes

Soul in 6th place with 5 quotes

Ash and Gel tied for 7th with 4 each

Haley and Pande with 3
Penny and Katna tied with 2.5 quotes

Smile, Dani, Jordan, Bell, Crystal, Luke and Ed with 2 quotes each

then we have Blaire, Ryan Carrow, Theo, Emily, Hannah, Harry, Bess, Randy, Saaniya, Jordan E, Sasha Lane, Bass, Tom, Hazel, Sergio, Katie, Will, Rey, me, Grace, and Liv Stewart doing great with 1 quote each

if you’re not on it i-
the picture speaks for itself tyvm

ok so now to this iconic quotes list

smol be proud of me i didn’t forget to censor it this time
ok fr moving on this time

  1. “I attack my teeth” -Haley
  2. “But also remove their faces” -Tal
  3. “You take your teeth and you just start hitting it” -Ash
  4. “At the moment the hari has no value, since wand crafting is a long forgotten project” - Harry
  5. “I wanna tall how no Hannah is” -Smile
  6. “Wait Emmae do I know you?" -Ryan Carrow
  7. “Is she talking to me or the dog?” -Theo
  8. “It’s summer so I’m doing summer things, like not using my brain.” -Hannah
  9. “Daniel casually struts offstage.” -Emma
  10. “I mean, my school has a name and I’m preschooler.” -Lilly
  11. “Why is hogwarts turning into splatoon?” -Sasha Lane
  12. “I miss being young, now whenever I try to sit up I’m in pain.” -Lilly
  13. “I have returned with the cult cereal.” -Lilly
  14. “Tahj is the other Theo.” -Tal
  15. “One of the few times I’m mentioned here and it’s because I tried ice in cereal…" -Bass
  16. “Ok chop chop prisoners.” -Tom
  17. “Why did I say that? I’m sorry. It pooped on my head.” -Saige
  18. “I can’t either but I’m so excited. He’s going to be a crab.” -Ash
  19. “I’m gonna have to mush her again.” -Dani
  20. “I am trying to stay alive- but this cake simply seems fake” -Michael
  21. “Which would you rather be, a fish or an instrument?” -Bess
  22. “What’s your other account’s name Smol?” -Randy
  23. “Yoink your finger is now yeetus deletus” -Tal
  24. “People from Texas are donkeys! I wonder if you could put chests on them.” -Saaniya
  25. “What tire is immobulus?” -Mia
  26. “I just gave my dog her toy eat backyardigans.” -Ash
  27. “Frick, I had a yawny.” -Tal
  28. “Yes but I got wipe and it my 7 time bc it falled and I failed” -Jordan e
  29. “It’s pills a Saaniya’s dog” -Saaniya
  30. “I start wars by throwing people out windows all the time.” -Ash
  31. “All I have to say is trebuchet” -Saige
  32. “Learn how to :poop: on your own” -Angelina
  33. “I am an asparagus, duck how did you know?” -Michael
  34. “I got sucked into a whole genre of fancy bathtubs” -Bell
  35. “Obviously I want to be a purple dinosaur” -Michael
  36. “I hit the noodle and it screwed me up. Ramen hates me.” -Tal
  37. “I thought someone was about to murder me but it was just a sheep.” -Lilly
  38. “This community is great, everyone’s running around killing each other.” -Saige
  39. “What mime- do you mean the alien? Uh, it was an alien for me. Like, a mime alien.” -Souless
  40. “Wait so you put children in an oven?” -Emily
  41. “But like real life baby pandas are like weird lizards” -Penny
  42. “No, I’m a frayed knot.” -Gel
  43. “They have woogly eyes and and when they want noms they go with arms and go boop and grab noms and chomp chomp.” -Penny
  44. “I want 27 donut.” -Katna
  45. “I feel like ‘I know my spaghetti’ is more open ended in a threatening presence kind of way.” -Katna
  46. “It’s a whole timeline of quonks here.” -Katna and Penny
  47. “Okay not gonna lie my octopus looks amazing.” -Tal
  48. “I’m gonna do a pande come watch me do the pew pew.” -Tal
  49. “It’s bark sounded rounder than eeyore.” -Saige
  50. “I’m shedding.” -Tal
  51. “Smol you buy teeth at a little vending machine with teeth.” -Michael
  52. “Hold on let me get my teeth.” -Tal
  53. “I have a collection of teeth. Look how much teeth I have, I’m a fricking tooth fairy.” -Tal
  54. “Katna, Katna, there’s a dead bird on you. You have an aborted bird on your head.” -Tal
  55. “Smol is dead there is only Emma” -Tal
  56. “Okay I am not currently in the womb I am a living functioning human being.” -Saige
  57. “Speaking of fruit painting…” -Hazel
  58. “Okay Soul go die on the ground.” -Emma
  59. “This is the best day ever I’m getting a bell.” -Sergio
  60. "Smile no don’t catch the ava disease.” -Emma
  61. “I thought it was a tropical fish but it was just string.” -Katie
  62. “This cat gets fed like twice on the total 7 replies.” -Lilly
  63. “Omg you know when you have an eyeball in your eye?” -Saige
  64. “I get to press the evil button.” -Michael
  65. “I didn’t know you would pop up like a fricken jack in the box.” -Lilly
  66. “Throwing people is kinda a personality trait.” -Haley
  67. “I just wake up and think about the hogwarts time system.” -Michael
  68. “There was like a square and I just ran through it and it was like a ton of pigeons.” -Smile
  69. “It’s literally night speed.” -Bell
  70. “‘Throw your head onto the ducking trackpad’ finger click.” -Michael
  71. “I just crushed a butterfly.” -Crystal
  72. “When I hold my candy canes as wands irl…” -Emma
  73. “Their faces are all mushed.” -Saige
  74. “My house is now a swamp biome.” -Souless
  75. “Maybe I’m a potato with a mind and I’m just inventing my whole life.” -Dani
  76. “I think I just almost lost an eyeball.” -Haley
  77. “I must evaporate now.” -Gel
  78. “Where do we put the entrance of an elf.” -Emma
  79. “Oh I know why, I just need to take my clothes off.” -Pande
  80. “So even then I can be like “bam” and severely murderer.” -Souless
  81. “Min Dumbledore strangles your chickens.” -Min
  82. “I’ll just aggressively sit on a candy cane.” -Michael
  83. “Santa just has a neck that is like 10 feet tall.” -Michael
  84. “My leaves, they just can’t keep up with me.” -Min
  85. “Tal will never surpass me, I have a notebook!” -Min
  86. “That’s like lettuce but liquified.” -Min
  87. “But then I realized you guys don’t get what I’m saying, so now I’m just a basketball.” -Min
  88. “You’re just taking the quacks out of my mouth at this point.” -Michael
  89. “I still need to find 9/11.” -Michael
  90. “You get payed to be German.” -Will
  91. “Don’t trust the coords.” -Rey
  92. “I just seem like a really angry three year old that wants to eat eggs.” -Saige
  93. “I need heads.” -Emma
  94. “Oh Emma did you see our great eye invention?” -Michael
  95. “I was like, how is your mom hiding in your bread?” -Jordan
  96. “Potato yourself Hari.” -Jordan
  97. “Put the snail down.” -Pande
  98. “Oh wait yes llamas.” -Tal
  99. “They have a whole bakery in their pockets.” -Min
  100. “I’d like to thank Emma for being a Bellona clone.” -Souless
  101. “Cats can blind ladders, who knew.” -Souless
  102. “You constructed headless people-“ -Crystal
  103. “So many names are already illegal.” -Crystal
  104. “The YouTube ads are asking me if I have a high wiz.” -Ava
  105. “Yo, carrots are the new axe. Didn’t you know?” -Souless
  106. “I am the worst eraser you will have the misfortune of meeting.” -Saige
  107. “No, I’m an octopus. I find it highly offensive that you would compare me to a squid.” -Ed
  108. “I’m just very spiritually involved with my gay french ancestors.” -Ed
  109. “Potato really said: baby I’m not even here, I’m a hallucination.” -Min
  110. “He decided it was a good idea to flop over and dunk his head into the sour cream jar.” -Min
  111. “It’s like Antarctica in a bowl.” -Min
  112. “I can’t vibe to the crusty dusty ant anymore.” -Min
  113. “Pause the rainbow.” -Tal
  114. “My whole family like thrives off of pistachio.” -Saige
  115. “Why is drunk jesus the priest?” -Grace
  116. “I was the only one without debt because I didn’t go to college and my frog just kept dying and I got canned from my job.” -Bell
  117. “My favorite part of Anne Franks diary was when she went blind and deaf.” -Luke
  118. “My door fell asleep.” -Saige
  119. “And we can have a druggie in the middle of the coin.” -Tal
  120. “You did not just call the bootleg stale pre-salted fries.” -Emma
  121. “Where is Emma and why have I multiplied?” -Saige
  122. “Why are two of me typing-“ -Saige
  123. “I don’t like fiestas- rudy we.” -Saige
  124. “Oh my god yes deafness is awesome too.” -Lilly
  125. “Plus if you eat the legs first, they’re still alive.” -Tal
  126. “Like if you’re gonna duck around at least do it consistently.” -Pande
  127. “Long curvy path, path got scoliosis.” -Emma
  128. “The desbear coming from that leaf.” -Gel
  129. “We made such a lovely stack of bodies” -Tal
  130. “Oop gay dragon just evaporated.” -Gel
  131. “Oh Emma just got morals.” -Luke
  132. “I got a tier 2 staff warning for licking boats.” -Emma
  133. “Who is this esteemed Emma she sounds like god.” -Liv Stewart

i think i censored them all

k so honorable mentions and some things i have to say

all the drama club quotes just.
you know who you are

1 - i cant relate
2 - will do
18 - who is going to be a crab- im kinda concerned for them
49 - i dont think eeyore barks saige
71 - tragic
92 - are they scrambled tho
105 - o rlly?
107 - i apologize octopus
108 - can relate
editing this post just to say that omg that rhymed bc like 108 can relate, one oh eight, can ree late. ok bye
109 - i
110 - once again. w h o ?
112 - i’m very sorry min i apologize ily
116 - that sounds like a rough time i’m sorry for your loss
118 - rip
120 - i did emma i did
124 - of course yes
125 - not concerning at all
131 - oop
132 - tea
133 - idk never heard of her

k also i feel as if we have like time periods going on

1-8 is like the tryhard era where most of the quotes are pretty simple but iconic
9-14 is 10/10 but still early yknow
15-20 are just really boring besides 18 that ones 10/10 ily ash
21-35 are great besides 25 we all know that one was a typo
36-46 we start getting into the really long quotes that aren’t just a few words besides like 44 ofc
47-56 is literally just tal michael and saige
57-70 there aren’t many particularly bad ones and they’re all pretty funny
71-74 i- pls why do those exist
75-90 are all amazing in my opinion but like im biased tbf
91 is terrible sorry rey
92-112 i feel like could all be part of one conversation, like in that particular order
113-115 we have some pretty boring ones, all of them could be a solid 4/10
116-133 are all 10/10 honestly they’re just great ok

so in conclusion during this history of the quotes list class we will study the following topics

The Tryhard Age (1-8)
The “10/10 but still early yknow” Era (9-14)
The Boring Era (15-20)
The Great Times (21-35)
The Really Long Quotes (36-46)
The Pre-Modern-Leaderboard Era (47-56)
The Somewhat Decent Age (57-70)
The Why (71-74)
The Snazzy Times (75-90)
The Cancelled Quote (91)
The Conversation About Nothing (92-112)
The Modern Boring Era (113-115)
The Modern Snazzy Times (116-133)

i tried with these names pls
ok they’re not bad i think i did good
ok bye
was this a satisfactory probably-last-quotes-post for you all
ok ty goodbye
im going with yes
ok bye again

update as of april 12th

we have another quote
even tho soul said this quote yesterday
or sunday
134. “She ran all around drama club till the lil missile went bye.” -Soul
ok bye have a good day


Only the truly talented can manage to say half a quote

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i- wow rude :broken_heart: Thank you Liv Stewart for being the only one to love me

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