Professor Assistant - Lilly Arima - Hogwarts

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Minecraft Username: MissPlaysMC

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Lilly Arima

Mordonia Roleplay Name: Caitlin Lucy

Server Staff Tree: [Mordonia or Hogwarts] Hogwarts

Age: Twelve

Timezone: EST

Hogwarts Year: (Y2 + for all hogwarts roles) 6

Mordonia Rank: Peasent

Do you have Discord?: (Required for hogwarts roles) Yes

If you have Discord, what is your username?: MissPlaysMC #5476

How long have you been on the server?: Since September 26, 2016

Why should we pick you for this role?: I was previously a Helper for KnockTurn, but decided to resign due to personal issues, such as school and wanting to experience more things with my life. It pained me to resign, but ever since then, I haven’t found it in myself to be able to quit. This place is like my home. I still log on, almost daily. I have thought ever since I resigned to apply again, and was motivated by several people to do so.
I have always wanted to be a PA. I love the thought of being able to help with classes and possibly teach parts of them. One of my dreams is to become a teacher someday, so I would enjoy being able to experience parts of that on here. I feel like this is something I would be fully commited to. I understand the responsibilitise it takes to help in classes, but I would love to help in ways I can.

Have You been Staff Before?: I was Helper on KT, which isn’t staff. I’ve been staff on a few other servers, though I’m not anymore.

Anything you would like to add to motivate us to pick you?: I am willing to do anything I can to help. Even if I’m not accepted, I will still play KnockTurn and try to help people. I understand if some feel I’m not ready for this role, especially after resigning a little over a month ago, but I feel as if I’m prepared.

Congrats! You’ve been accepted to Knockturn Networks Staff! Now you need perms. Here is what needs to happen before you’re officially on the team:

[Accepted Status]->[Owner]

[Owner]->[Discourse Perms|Discord Perms|Server Perms]

[Discourse Perms|Discord Perms|Server Perms]->[Permission-Granted Status]

If your application changes from Accepted to Permissions-Granted before you have all these perms, please contact an owner and get the missing perms!

Welcome to the team!