Professor - Hari Bell - Hogwarts

Minecraft Username: EHari

Roleplay Name: Hari Bell

Age: 24

Timezone: EST

Hogwarts Year: 4th year

Do you have Discord? (Discord is required): Yeppers

How long you’ve been on our server: Around 5 months now

Have you ever been/are you a Professor on another server?: Nope

Why do you want to be a Professor and why should we choose you?: When I originally decided to start applying i’d intended to only go up to professor rank. Somehow, I completely skipped it and went beyond it. But well, I like teaching and if I can mix my real life field with stuff we learn on here, I think it’d be a fascinating combination

As for why I should be chosen. I’ve got patience but also courage and willingness to remind (sometimes forcefully) forgetful children about the rules. The more comfortable I become, the more confident i’ll be about punishments as well. And I know how to put work before play. RP event? New server? While it may poke my interest, I’ll choose work over play every time. Also helps that I’m often on at really weird hours, like 2 or 3 am and can host classes then.

Tell us about yourself.: I work at a wildlife sanctuary and education center. I have a deep love for ecology and natural history of plants and wildlife. Sometimes the most dullest things in nature hold the coolest secrets. I take what I learn and teach it to the younger generations and it’s always a blast when they learn something they never knew before.

Are you already a staff member on the server? Yep. I am helper and admin. But would be willing to resign from one or both if needed. Ideally, I’d officially be an admin since I’m better able to help (and because I still do helper duties) I’d just temporarily pause the admin/helper part to do some professor work.

Are you willing to be responsible by not abusing your perms and doing classes on a regular basis? The classes on a regular basis will not be a problem. Weekends are a common free day for me and if not then, as stated earlier, I’m up at weird house. Regarding perms, I’d like to think I haven’t abused any I currently have, thus far.

What class do you want to teach? (When it comes out) Top choice is definitely care of magical creatures. Especially if I can correlate it with Herbology. After all, the natural world needs both plants and animals to be ‘natural.’ Aside from those two, I’d be interested in potions and maybe DADA.

accepted — Yep yep yep