Professor - Josh Anderson - Hogwarts

Minecraft Username: Psychodynamic
Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Josh Anderson
Mordonia Roleplay Name: Josh Thonin
Server Staff Tree: Hogwarts
Age: 19
Timezone: GMT+1 (GMT+0 during October-March)
Hogwarts Year: Y3
Mordonia Rank: Lord
Do you have Discord?: Indeed
If you have Discord, what is your username?: Josh#2765
How long have you been on the server?: 2 years. Returned mid May 2017.
Why should we pick you for this role?:
I was originally accepted as Professor on the 20th June 2015 in order to teach DADA. I was a Professor until roughly September 2015. This was only a week into me joining the server which I would consider as an achievement.

I spent time writing the first ever DADA curriculum with Pandette and I believe Gracie Baker - if my lessons still exist, Pandette or an Admin who was around then could potentially dig them out? To explain further I also wrote a google document before being invited to write the curriculum (Pandette I hope you remember me sending you this almost 2 years ago).

I would say that during my short tenure as Professor I was active and dedicated to the position. I held classes on a regular basis for first years (as we only had 1Y classes back then, with 2Y being planned). The classes I held were a mixture of lectures and practicals as well as tests. All of my scheduled classes are on the old forum calendar from June 20-September 6. I did host a lot of unscheduled classes as well. I taught students all about the dark creatures such as Werewolves and also taught them spells such as the shield charm and how to use them efficiently. I’d love to return to the role 2 years on, having matured that little bit more, allowing me to do something I enjoy once again.

I’m the type of person who will always put a smile on people’s faces even when I’m having a bad day. It can definitely rub off on my teaching as well because a positive lesson results in a positive class. Activity is one of the things I definitely consider myself to have. I could be on the server from 6AM my time all the way until 9PM on the weekend which absolutely affirms one’s dedication to the server. A good professor is someone who listens and understands the problems that go on in their class. I dealt with a variety of problems in my classes from students throwing “riots” to the simple casting in class. I know how to deal with these issues and therefore my experience will give me a boost if in the event I am accepted into the ranks once again. In addition, they are someone who can exercise a good lesson with a good level of rhetoric and knowledge. Something I pride myself in would be my knowledge of DADA (even after a huge break from gaming in general) and I would love to, once again, share this knowledge with everyone but in a more formal environment/setting.

Another thing I believe I am excellent at is my ability to be unique. I held a bunch of unique lessons including group discussions, group project lessons as well as a spell practical class. Students enjoyed these as well as completing the unique homework tasks I have set (I’d like to say now that the homework professors set are amazing lately, props to all of the professors who work hard). If you’re unique you tend to get very far in these sorts of things because it’s something that allows you to stand out.

I’d love to come back to the staff team 2 years on in order to essentially continue on where I left off. I’m still willing to fulfil my promise I made 2 years ago by having the most fun classes, most flexible and highest test scores.

By now you’re probably thinking “when does this application end?” but bear with I’m just going to list my strengths and weaknesses so you can understand me as a person better if you’re not familiar with me. Rather than providing an explanation I’ll just list 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses, I don’t want to end up writing another “longest application ever received on Knockturn”.

Three of my strengths include: Teaching (loads of experience). Fast learner (learnt Knockturn prof commands like an hour into being accepted). Patience (It’s difficult to put something here without writing a full on paragraph).
Three of my weaknesses include: Getting carried away (sometimes I can be “too active” and I’ll forget to do things in real life). Spontaneous (I prefer planning rather than doing something random, but I can do it, just not “as well”). Timezone (I can’t host classes late in American timezone due to me being British).

My activity on Hogwarts is double, if not triple the activity on Mordonia. Whilst I may be a Lord on Mordonia, I do not prioritise Mordonia over Hogwarts as Mordonia for me is mainly a place to RP or build up my town. Hogwarts, to me, is more than that, but it is too complicated to explain how much the server has helped me as a person. I can spend an average of 6-8 hours a day on Hogwarts if I have nothing going on in real life. Now that my exams have finished for good I can spend a load more time on the server from now until my Y1 University exams next May! I intend to stay on the server for as long as possible, it never gets boring.

I shall conclude with a quote from Socrates: “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel”.

TL;DR - I do apologise for such a long application. Basically I’ve done the job before, I know what I’m doing and I really enjoyed my first “run through” on Knockturn and I want to return. I’d like to teach DADA again mainly but I’d also like to explore other subjects as well.

Have You been Staff Before?: Professor in June-September of 2015, teaching DADA.

Anything you would like to add to motivate us to pick you?:
I’ve done the job before, I really, genuinely, do know what I’m doing and I’d love to work on the team again. A few people who worked with me in 2015 are still on the team in 2017 and it would be great to work with them again as well as meeting staff members I’m not familiar with.
I’d like to resume teaching DADA and I heard professors can teach more than 1 class so I’m open to teach anything else alongside this (including 3Y elective classes when they’re out).


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