Professor - Kiral Prewett - Hogwarts

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Minecraft Username: Kirales

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Kiral Prewett

Mordonia Roleplay Name: Rosen Silhouette

Server Staff Tree: [Mordonia or Hogwarts] Hogwarts

Age: 16 yrs

Timezone: CST

Hogwarts Year: (Y2 + for all hogwarts roles) 3

Mordonia Rank: Peasant

Do you have Discord?: (Required for hogwarts roles) Yes

If you have Discord, what is your username?: Kiral#2152

How long have you been on the server?: I joined sometime in 2015, however I was MIA for quite a while.

Why should we pick you for this role?:
I think you should choose me for this role because I believe I possess the certain skills and abilities needed for a Professor. I have proven myself as a Helper and have learned how to deal with very different types of students, suggesting that I can handle stress and am able to assist and answer questions anyone may have efficiently. I am patient and kind, willing to spread that into a classroom setting. I am also kind of an over-the-top HP nerd, so that helps with my understanding and knowledge contributing to the server.
I have always been interested in becoming Professor, ever since I first became Helper. I enjoy sharing knowledge with others and I absolutely love roleplay. As a professor, I believe I could give the proper grading and or punishments if needed that are fair. In my own eyes, I feel like in some departments the roleplay aspect of things is being diminished and would like to try to bring it back and make classes more enjoyable for students while enforcing rules, but still having fun. I have attended many classes and observed Professors enough to know the basics of what the job requires. Since the new automated classes have been released, I know it is a continued project with Y3 and I would like to contribute to teaching classes that are currently available to professors.
I am very hardworking and goal-orientated so I know how to get things done effectively. Being a Helper has put responsibility on me and I’m willing to take on more with professor and balance them both. I am also on the server pretty much every day, so teaching classes wouldn’t become a problem for me and I am often online in early mornings or late at night when classes may not be taught. I would enjoy it if I got the chance to do so.
I am also willing to write lessons for classes. I do a lot of writing on my own time (stories, poetry, etc.) and I would definitely enjoy writing lessons for classes. Anything HP related has my interest.

Have You been Staff Before?: Not on Knockturn, but I have been staff on many previous servers. I have the experience and knowledge to accompany it.

Anything you would like to add to motivate us to pick you?:
Ever since becoming Helper, I have checked up on new students and skipped out of class and spellcasting to help them out, often putting other’s needs before my own. Every time I come online, I immediately check for new players or open tickets. I have learned how to handle new students and how to stay patient with them, especially if they aren’t understanding something. I love helping people out and teaching would be a wonderful experience for me. As I stated before, I love sharing knowledge with others and being able to dig deeper into topics in class would certainly be something great to experience.

Part of the professor job involves writing lessons too, Are you up to that job as well?


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