Professor resignation - Horace Bones

Ok… so how to say this. I am resigning from professor. Professor role was something great for me. But I don’t find myself in writing lessons, neither I have time for it. Just waiting for something, and actually doing nothing but grading won’t make me a professor. However, I’m just resigning from professor role on Hogwarts, I still enjoy helping new players and opening tickets.
Thank You:
•Lisa, Kat and Catherine for supervising me <3
•Lilly Arima was the person who helped me between choosing roles. That I should better become a professor assistant before professor and so on :3

sadness overload


Whyyyyyyyy. All our fam is resigning whyyyy. I’m really gonna miss chu Hooorooooce <3. This resignation was not accepted </3


Unfortunately, your application was ABSOLUTELY DENIED. This could be due to a number of reasons, mainly because Smol Owen as your auntie disapproves. After this, you can reapply in two weeks, or never. Thank you for this post but it is no longer needed

Jk Jk this is your choice so it’s ok, I’ll just go cry in the corner of the forums ;3;


Aww I got a mention, for once someone cares about me! Anwyways, I respect your choice, and I hope you do great wherever life (or Minecraft :P) leads you. I know we can always try to stay friends though <3

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Sad to see ya go but thanks for being a part of the team, see ya round as helper o/

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