Professor Resignation - Maximilian Arelle

Yes, it happens, I resign from my position as Professor, I still stay head of HoM tho, cuz this is my playground and my passion. In the last few weeks, teaching became something less motivating. There were people who put stones in my way, ingame as well as irl. I have many jobs on Knockturn and the current situation I go through makes it even harder to keep this role. Private problems and a hard time lies in my future and I need to decide now rather than later, what compromices I take, before I cut in my own flesh even more.

I know for some may come this surprising, and it is a hard solution for me, but according to some changes that happened in the Professor system and changes, that may take place in the future, I don’t see me as the right candidate for this role anymore.
I may reapply, but if, it will be far in the future.
In 4 days I have my 1 year anniversary… Ik a strange way to celebrate it. I wish all Professors fun and good luck.

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Moox we will miss you as professor <3
I remember my first class was with you and I wont forget it being an exam :3
Hope to have you on Prof team again \o/

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One of my favorite professors. Was, and always will be.
I’ll miss you in classes, and I wish you the best wherever you may be going.

Here’s a poem for you <3

Maxo Maxo
My fav Professo
Tall like my espresso
Only good wishes may I bestow (upon you but that doesn’t rhyme :D)


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We will miss you as Prof Mooxbae

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Omg, how dare ;-;