Professor Resignation - Sergio Strange

Hello Knockturn, I will try to make this with as little cringe as possible,

This is more than a resignation, its also a see you later sadly. This post is definitely not easy for me to write at the moment because every fiber of my living being is telling me to somehow make it work, but it just will not happen.

For, I want to say, about 2-3 ish months workloads were coming in a lot more than I expected for school, which normally I can manage, but I am being pushed by family to have full focus on it and not on things like video games. Its a battle I have argued for a while but at this point, they are probably right. I hardly have time anymore for anything.

With this lack of time and other motives, I do not want anyone to rely on me in such an important role as Professor. Do not get me wrong, I loved being a professor, a quidditch captain, a Slytherin, and just a member of an amazing community altogether. I definitely enjoyed it, and made some great memories that I will cherish. I don’t really like to name a bunch specific people to thank, because I know I will leave someone out, but I must give thanks to @Daniel for guiding me through this role, even if my time with it was short. Thank you Daniel.

(Esto me tomó mucho tiempo porque no hablo completamente el español, aunque soy un tico, pero gracias, @Daniel , ser siempre tan servicial, no sé si lo hubiera hecho sin ti. Sé que cometí errores gramatica.)

I really can’t say how you all feel towards me, and I have no clue if I will just plain be forgotten after this and time goes on, but regardless thank you. I know I have made some mistakes in the past, but. thank you staff, friends, quidditch, and Slytherin, for allowing me to call myself a member of this community.

Some of you knew this was coming through time eventually, others did not. I am already having trouble staying in a good state of mind, knockturn was stimulating me, but I will manage. I am not saying good bye forever, I am saying see you all later. I might hop on with some chances I can get. I am not even sure if I will return in summer because I may be living in a different country and taking a summer class to finally master Spanish.

When I first started playing I was determined to accomplish as much as I could in knockturn. I knew it would come to an end eventually as all things do and I was determined to leave a mark. I hope I have accomplished that during events, being a captain, a seeker (If someone some how manages to beat my Fastest Snitch Catch record please dm me), and a professor and maybe more. Even though it wasn’t my choice, I am satisfied leaving the way I am now knowing I have done enough. After all, I did graduate.

At this point I am just talking and I don’t know how much of you care at all, but at least I can hopefully find the peace of mind I have searched for to long. I’ve learned a lot about myself through this time of being on knockturn and I can reflect on how I have changed. the most important thing I have learned, that I hope you all do as well is, never, ever compare yourself to anyone and don’t ever claim someone has it better than you or is better than you, you have no idea what others are going through, don’t be burden to them.

If you ever need me, I will try to be there.

I thank you all, if anyone wants to talk to me ever, my discord is crazymattia#5684, until then, see you later.

-Sergio Strange



We may not have known each other extremely well, but I always could count on you being online and making some funny jokes with the other Professors in Global. Hearing all of the amazing stories from your classes and your time as a player makes me thankful for you to have been a part of our community, regardless of how well I knew you personally. You always were very nice to everyone, and I almost asked you to help train me in Quidditch, before I started to get a bit busy with Mordonia.

I know the feeling all too well of having to leave something that you love, that is a part of you. Feeling the burden of wondering if you will even be remembered or recognized in time to come. What I can tell you, is Knockturn will always hold a place for you in it’s heart. Every single member of this community is important, whether they recognize it or not. You were needed, you were important, and you were loved. Whenever things get bad for you, always remember this. Remember the friends you had, and the friends you will someday return to on Knockturn.

I hope you do well in school. While some argue that is super important for the future, I always see it as a way to keep us from the things we love most. However, I know you are very intelligent and will be able to make good grades and show everyone how amazing you really are. Don’t listen to anyone who ever denies this, because they are just jealous and short-minded.

Things can get really difficult in life, especially when we have to leave our friends. Knockturn has been an amazing place of growth for everyone involved. It has taught us lessons, patience, kindness, and shaped us more into who we are. However, even if things get hard, remember that you always can talk to anyone, including myself. We all care about you and want you to get through this, no matter what you have to do.

Sorry for such a long post, but I felt it important to justify what an important member of this community you were/are. We know you can be strong and show school who’s boss <3

-Lilly Arima


I will beat that snitch catch record one day, count on it :>


I appreciate the long response Lilly, I wasn’t really expecting many replies at all. You are completely right, and I will miss everyone in knockturn. Its because I wont be surrounded by as many kind hearted people as you. I am happy you can see me as an important piece of knockturn cause I never saw myself as anymore than that. I know I can talk to friends here like you and I am thankful for that. ily <3

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If you pull it off, I will personally come online in front of everyone in global and congratulate you for beating me, which I will never do because it’ll never happen but you can dream :wink:

Oh noooo I deny this resign nop not accepted, you ain’t running away.

Now out of any joke, take care and feel free to apply back whenever also if you need anything just hit me up in dms

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I kinda wish you could deny resignations lol, maybe I’d have to stay then but nope not how it works.
Thank you for guiding me through this role and I probably will dm you every now and then. You take care as well Dani.

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