Public events calendar

My suggestion is to add a public calendar that shows all events scheduled on the server

Why it will be good:
I have often found myself fast reading through event posts and then forgetting to sign up and/or of their existence completely so i believe that having a public calendar that shows all scheduled events with their date and time would help people see what is planned on the server.

How it will work in code/other functions
I honestly have no idea how to implement that on the website but it can also be done on discord by creating a read only channel where it only lists the monthly events all nice, clean and organized with their date and time and their forums link (without the preview or it looks spammy) that people can check out at any time they want without having to search for the forums posts or between the messages in #global.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Any person with discord server perms and whoever is in charge of the website

Which server?
Website and/or discord


Maybe this could also work a bit like the class schedule on the server, but one only for events? Great idea though :slight_smile:

You mean having a command in game to pull up the event schedule? That sounds waaay more advanced than what i had in mind and in my opinion feels a little unnecessary plus it would require coding which means it wouldn’t get implemented anytime soon.

we used to have this but people were too lazy to figure out the commands so when i updated time turner i removed it because it wasnt being used at all.

It’s easier to implement one in game than out of game atm.