PVP Bypass Bug: AlexTheSnek, Alex Creevey, Year 1, Tier 3, Slytherin

PVP Bypassing

It is Against the rules to PVP people in safe zones, However this glitch bypasses that and allows you to hit people, even in none pvp Zones.
Blauflamma Creates a Flame that doesn’t hurt you, also enables you to PVP people.

How to recreate
Cast Blauflamma:
Step in said blauflamma:
Or: Hit whoever is standing in said Blauflamma

Hope you fix it soon, it could be bad in the wrong hands

This is a known bug, has been for a long time I think. Just don’t use it. And pray no one gets annoyed by the 10000000th mention of the Blauflamma bug xD


so THAT’S the Blauflamma bug nobody ever bothered to tell me about! I asked what it was, because I saw in the rules “Never speak to Pandette about the Blauflamma bug” so I asked about it, but nobody gave me a solid answer xD