Your name is The Narrator and you are a mysterious figure, indeed. So mysterious that you will not reveal yourself in expository images…yet. Those may come later.

You are The Narrator for a HOMESTUCK ROLEPLAY on some crappy forum for A DIFFERENT SUBJECT ENTIRELY. You do not care. This is your roleplay and that other fandom can kiss your cushioned sitting apparatus of indistinct color. You are not here to pander towards the childish obsessions of other. Only your own.

The point of this HOMESTUCK ROLEPLAY is for various individuals to join and become PART OF THE NARRATIVE. The Alternia they will enter has no elements of SBURB or SGRUB, however any player can choose to be HUMAN or a TROLL as long as they know the general guidelines of that species.

ALTERNIA is a planet full of trolls of varying BLOOD COLORS and SYMBOLS. Sea trolls rule over the land dwellers and it is roughly the same time period as the game of SGRUB…but that will not happen this time. You have MADE SURE OF THAT.



Hopefully anyone that wants to hop in will already know about how things work in the Homestuck universe. It’s a very specific and complex web of ridiculous things.

If you feel like hopping in, start in your room with a full Homestuck-level-of-ridulous intro as is normal.

Things to note:

  • Complex Universe
  • Existing Lore
  • Planned Events
  • Romance Themed


Can I be an existing troll or does it have to be an original character?)

(Original, if you please. We sadly can’t do colored text atm but feel free to make imgs with pesterlogs if you want for that aspect!)

(ok i haven’t even read the entire thing but i’m super hyped already LOL. is there any character format i should fill in or should i just hop in)

(Just the usual intro format for new characters, such as this. I can even help with Sprites if you want so you have a visual :p)

(ooooh, i might just draw my character. thanks for the offer, though! :heart:

also it might take me a bit to write out everything lol)

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(Looks good! I’m interested to see how you handle a highblood :smiley: )

(her blood colour was originally supposed to be Azure, a bit higher than Equius and a bit lower than Eridan, but I couldn’t get it right rip i’m rereading it right now too lol)



What? No! You are not the narrator. Only The Narrator can narrate.

You can, however, exposit upon your situation. It’s early evening and you’ve only just gotten out of your recuperacoon. The slime is only just starting to dry on your slumber adornments piled in the corner. Recently some trolls have been chattering about Threshecutioners and FILIAL PAILS. It’s possible that they are beginning to collect genetic slurry for the next hatching season.

Trolls with empty QUADRANTS will be unable to fulfill their duty and will be EXECUTED ON THE SPOT.

Your quadrants are ALL EMPTY since your moirail went missing two sweeps back. Poor guy. He was a RUSTBLOOD and a great FLARP partner. Regardless, you need to find a pail-partner sometime soon.

(BTW, I’m trying to finish Homestuck again before I even try to roleplay, and I’m trying to get it done super fast, so sorry if I’m not responding or good at it)

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(aLriGhT i’m gonna redo my character / intro, so i’ll repost when done :slight_smile: sorry)

(That’s fine! Take your time :slight_smile: )

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(Alm, can I have my character curse? She loses her temper easily, and I was planning to have every curse word strikethroughed in the doc, but is that enough? Am I allowed to do that?)

(As bothersome as it is, in this case, we should follow the forum guidelines. Maybe you can make one of her quirks be that she swears in puns? Like how a seadweller might be “Oh, glub off!” or “What the glub are you doin?!” or even something like “You don’t have to be so dam crabby!”)

(Alright, that’s fair enough. I probably should have my character say glub a lot since she is a seadweller (totally didnt forget). Thanks Alm)

(Also, am I allowed to make another character for my moirail?)

(Go for it!)

(First char : )



>Be the cobalt-blood

(aLmEriAn i aM sO So sOrRy i dOn’T wANt tHiS to diE anD i’M sTiLL reAdiNg hOmeStuCK ahHhh ;-; imsosorry

(this isnt necroposting i think))

(It’s okay I’m giving people time to join. Worst case, it’s just the two of us and we can control a bunch of ppl each xD)

(It isn’t necroposting yet, no. I’ll post later tonight)