Quest : Grim Reaper (Pandagirlbuck)

The Goddess of Death, Belikel, has taken pity on a soul of much importance to her prophet. This soul has traveled away from his place in Enfer, to seek out comfort in the company of his still living friends and loved ones. In doing so, he brought about knowledge of Belikel to others. This knowledge allowed for others to hear of her power and seek her mercy in their lives.

Belikel, now being known of, was soon summoned by a young girl. This girl was Scarlet Meireles. She was asking for help in becoming a Queen. This was a long goal of hers and having the opportunity to achieve a Gods help in the matter only made her hunger for Royalty much more in strength. Belikel was angered after being summoned by someone of little importance to her, raging at the girl. Although Belikel’s temper was fiery as she learned who summoned her, she saw a great aura around Scarlet. An Aura that screamed death and claimed to have taken many souls before. This intrigued Belikel and showed her potential for the young girl, thus deciding that she would grant this fiery mortal the power she so desired.

Although Belikel’s power was limited greatly, as she was consumed by only the darkness that her sister had cursed her with. This disallowed her to focus good energy into the mortal girl, making it impossible for Belikel to have much say in the politics of the mortal world. Belikel searched for guidance in the fiery deapths of Enfer, coming up with the perfect task for the Mortal girl. This quest would grant the girl the powers of the Soul. Allowing her to send the souls of her enemies to the Depths of Enfer.

This task would not be easy, the girl would need to be willing to attend great lengths in order to please the Goddess. She would need to be willing to take the souls of those Belikel commanded, in order to gain the dark heart of that of the Grim Reaper. This title would gift her many dark rewards, one of them being Belikel’s protection. The girl would be strangely hard to kill and ever more so to oppose in deadly situations.

Death for the Meireles girl would not be impossible though, as Belikel believes no mortal should be completely immune to the blissful darkness that is death. Belikel’s power is contained by darkness but her mercy allows balance in life and death. The task that would oppose Scarlet is created in time with the power Scarlet is given, although the path towards Scarlet’s demise stays hidden until needed it will remain there so long as Scarlet uses the power she is given. Belikel herself also contains the ability to take from Scarlet her very life, should the Goddess feel that Scarlet uses her powers in betrayal.

The young Scarlet was sent to take the souls of many beings for the Goddess Belikel. These spirits were Gloria, the Ghost who mastered the art of Speed. Kirk Ironfist, the Giant king who used his strength to fight off death. And Violentia, a mage who used her power to prolong her life. These souls were bound together after Scarlet killed one final beast, a creature of Enfer that flew through hell with fire burning through his soul.

But while Scarlet had done all the tasks of killing each one and gifting the souls to Belikel, she was not done. Her final task was given by the Goddess, telling her to take the soul of the one who currently held title over the throne she sought for. The girl was tainted beyond return, but she was unable to easily get to the soul she required. The Queen she was to kill was guarded by her lover, making it hard for Scarlet to risk her reputation with her own family in order to please the Goddess.

The Meireles girl tried many ways of relief from the Goddess Belikel, she begged for help from others and even turned her back on the Goddess in hopes that another, Cavashne, would save her from the trouble she had gotten herself into. This angered Belikel, she was incredibly unhappy with the girl she wished to make her Reaper.

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