Quid Cloob

Me and Emily have decided to make a unofficial quidditch/flying club. Our discords are: LittlePiggy#4804 and Emily.Allen#7750 if you want to join through discord. You can also just reply to the thread.

Requirements: Need a broom. Can’t be a hogwarts broom or oakshaft. At least a moontrimmer.

When and where we meet: We meet on Saturdays at 4:30 PM EST either in the entrance hall or the quidditch field depending on the week. We will alternate whether we meet on the quidditch field or the entrance hall. For the first meeting we will meet in the entrance hall and get to know each other and fly around a bit.

What we do: We provide an oppourtunity for flyers of all years and houses to enjoy organized quidditch and casual flying around. We made this club for people who didn’t make the quidditch team, or people who just want to have fun on their brooms.

Owners: Ava Lima and Emily Allen.

To join: Reply to this post or DM me or Emily on discord. (Emily.Allen#7750 and LittlePiggy#4804)


If you want to join, msg one of us on discord so we can add you to the discord chat.
Also, this is a relaxed club, so it is not a big deal if you cannot attend all the time, however please try to make it :slight_smile:.