Quidditch Schedules far into the future

Since the start of quidditch schedules we have had some trouble due to the fact that having 3 match days(6 matches) and trying to balance the matches fairly is impossible.

Any given year will always have 1 team either having matches at 2pm or 4pm entirely which, when combined with the less scheduled approach to making the schedules can lead to teams feeling unfairly treated (getting all 4pm matches 2 year in a row etc.)

While there is nothing to do about it I have made a schedule spanning 8 seasons, making all teams get both one season as 2pm-only and one as 4pm-only.

This will also allow you to plan ahead with a little thinking before the poster is made.

(We begin at Y2 in the rotation this year)

I don’t really understand. Are the teams going to be by year now?!

THis is a schedule…so 1 year into the future, 2, 3 ETC.

lol okay, didn’t know it meant years as in time

I vote we take out the final game and just have the score be based on the leading team. It’s completely different from when we started because back then we just had a point for a win, so two teams would have 3 points more likely. Therefore we almost always needed a tie breaker. @crane