Quidditch season 2085/86

With our greatest sadness, Maximilian Booth; Quidditch Host for many, many seasons, has left his noted position.

However, it is not the end of Quidditch itself, the famous repetitive competition continues!

Last season was indeed an interesting one! The old Serpent has awaken and won all three matches. Points yet again showed that they are an important element in the game, and mixed up the final outcome.

Even despite Slytherin’s endeavor, their power was not big enough to beat Ravenclaw in the final match that decided who is worthy to hold the Quidditch Cup.

With Ravenclaw winning the last season, rumours have it the Sky-Like Team has become the latest favorite. Will Lions regain their former glory, or is it time for another team to shine for a long time?

Say Up to the gracious broom of yours, for the new season has just begun!



Just to clarify, times in EST?

Yep! 2:00 PM EST, and 4:00 PM EST :relaxed:

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