Quidditch Season 2086/87 - New brooms

I know, I know this post comes late but this is due the update and not being certain if we could host it. But new season new broom system!

Lets look back in time to see what changed:

Each "broom family" (Firebolts, Clean sweeps, comets, nimbus) are aimed at one quidditch role mainly.
Firebolts -> Chasers
Clean Sweeps -> Beaters
Comets -> Keepers
Nimbus -> Seeker

This is done through the 7 different values a brom has: 
MaxSpeed -> The maximum speed a broom can reach
Acceleration -> How fast a broom speeds up 
Deceleration -> How fast a broom can lower their speed
Grip -> When crashing depending on speed and this value you may fall or not
Resistance -> When crashing depending on speed and this value you may get more/less damage 
and effects (Will be more noticiable soon)
MaxTurnAngle -> Depending on this value and SPEED (the slower the quicker) broom will turn faster 
or slower
SpeedDecreasingAngle -> Quick and narrow turns will end up decelerating you more or less 
depending on this value

Ofcourse it doesnt mean you 100% have to use a broom from that family when youre playing that     
role and especially if you are chaser since firebolts turns are not the fastest (Ex: so you may need to 
have 2 chasers with firebolts since theyre really fast and one leading one with a comet to avoid 
keeper) but thats up to you :P.