Quidditch: "Snitch Mode"

"Snitch mode" would an additional mode to the already existing ones: practice mode and official mode. While the other modes work on a preset maximum amount of time (15 minutes for practice and 30 minutes for official) snitch mode would work the canonical way, as we understand it: the game would only end if the snitch is caught.

Why it will be good:
Having the game working this way completely presented issues of impracticality; however, it also meant that we missed out on a rather important canon experience, which is something that is aimed for on this server.

The new mode would allow people to experience the game in a fresh, new way. Not only is it more canon but it also makes the seeker a much more valuable role and gives them the pivotal impact they were designed to have.

Additionally, it would allow for the position to be explored in what could be more creative and productive ways. It gives seekers opportunities to utilise this new freedom and dependence to further develop more elaborate ways of playing the game - the potential is there.

The convenient part of it all would be that, of course, it being a separate mode would mean that the potentially longer matches would not affect those who want to play a game that will last for an expected amount of time. There are other already well-established game modes that they can simply choose to play in instead. Not to mention, if those playing in snitch mode, for whatever reason, wish to stop the game, they can simply quit - nice and easy - and the choice is there.

How it will work in code/other functions
While I cannot comment on this from the perspective of the code, I can say that it would function very similarly to the game modes already implemented but would be made to end only when the snitch has been caught.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Honestly, there is no rush with this - at all. The game works well enough with the current modes available at this stage. However, just in case there weren’t any particular plans for this in the considerable future, I thought I would suggest it.

It would probably be best to implement this:

  1. when Quidditch is more matured
  2. when certain snitch bugs that really affect the game have been fixed
  3. if other quidditch pitches become available so as to avoid the possibility of others being held up if the games were to go on for too long

Which server?
Quidditch, of course. :slight_smile:


I know this might not be a big issue, but what if a troll decided that they did not want anyone playing and just sat in Quidditch with a never ending game. This could even disrupt official practices.

I addressed that at the very bottom, @BobTheTitan: the possibility of more than one functional quidditch pitch in the future.

lag is a big issue for quidditch dunno if more than one pitch could be a possibility. But perhaps I could limit this mode to only if there are more than x ppl or if the player is an official quidditch member. That way we can ensure that there is a little bit of grounds for it.

Hm… alright. It could be a way to introduce the feature and see where it takes us.