Rachel Richards - Lost Galleons [Towny Reset]

Support Ticket

Recently I haven’t been on the server, during the summer, due to personal stuff with parents, and now schoolwork, I came on to towny to see both worlds were reset, I had 1000 galleons stored in my towny base, honestly speaking, I don’t have evidence of this as the world was reset, and I never stored screenshots of my backup on the main towny world as I never believed it would never get reset due to it being the same world for so long, I remember having my 1000g galleons there because I didn’t feel safe having them on the Hogwarts server, the reason I remember it was 1000 galleons is because I originally had 2000 galleons saved up to buy a thunderbolt, but then I used the money instead to get a name change and kept the rest of the 1000g away in case I wanted to change my name back, though this isn’t the first time I have mentioned the money, I have mentioned having the money in the past, when asked about my name change. (TLDR: I lost 1000g galleons I had stored in my main towny house during the towny reset)

Request for Solution
Replacement of the missing galleons, or any compromise the staff see fit, if you guys can’t replace it, its fine I’ll understand :relaxed:

Link To Related Bug Report
If this was caused by a bug in the Bug Report forum, please link it here.