Random Art Requests! (this is not the one with the death eater choking on a wand, still working on that)

Nevil’s Cactus! (I forgot the actual name :3) If you for some reason like my art that much go ahead and colour it xD

And this was a drawing request I got from a fellow sailor, it’s a Whale, Giant Squid and Oarfish!

Hope you guys enjoy!


How can you draw this well? I really like the whale and the squid and the oarfish!

I think my skill comes from my big box of boredom xD


Can I request you draw a cute Badger?
Thanks •w•

I’ll try my best


I play chaser on the gryffindor team, it would be great if you can draw a picture of me scoring the quaffle in the hoops. I want brown eyes. The hair I want is in the photo. I also want to be flying the fifth broom in the photo.

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