Ranger's Apprentice Reboot

So as you can tell by the title, This is a ranger’s apprentice styled rp! If you don’t know what Ranger’s Apprentice is, then here’s the link for the wiki: http://rangersapprentice.wikia.com/wiki/Ranger’s_Apprentice_Wiki So, these are the rules!

No OPness.

No inappropriate content.

PLEASE not everyone be a ranger that won’t be fun AT ALL or realistic.

This is the format:

Rp Name:
Rp Age:

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(Yes. Love the rangers books.)
Rp Name: Alex
Rp Age: 12
Background: never knew her parents. She has lived alone her whole life. She just kinda gets through life by sneaking around, stealing and running. When she tried to make friends no one seemed to notice her. Like she was invisible.
Personality: she doesn’t really trust people. She tends to try and stay in the shadows.
Specialization: sneaking, hiding and climbing.

Rp Name: Christopher F.
Rp Age: 36
Background: Ranger of Arluean fief and head of the Corps. Looking for an apprentice.
Personality: Strict, but likes jokes and has a sense of humor.
Specialization: Archery and camouflage

(@Geentiger829 wanna be my apprentice?)

(Sure, but at the start I won’t be, yall have to find me XD also if ya can’t tell, her main ability is hiding as she said, people kinda just see her as invisible.)

(@Goose Chris should probs be older seeing as Crowley was like 35 when he became head of the corps )

(Meant to put 36, whoops)

(He’ll see u. What fief?)

(Oh I know he will find her, just was meaning that’s what she’s best at.)

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(Yeah! That’s why he’s gonna want u. Also could u be in an Arluean ward. One that coulda been added after the books)

(Sure, I have to re read the books, I read them when I was in like 6th grade. So it’s 4 years later XD, oh I really want to start XD)

(Yeah same I forget them too)

(@Adam_Boynton ya should join. And @CuteRedPandas, can we stsrt XD)

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(@CuteRedPandas also u haven’t made ur character yet)

(I got baseball practice so will be back in a while, you guys can stsrt with out me if you want, I’ll respond when I get back.)

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(@Goose would it be wrong to stsrt with out panda XD)

(I don’t think so)

(your profilepicture scares me goose)

(thats the point)

(oh god. also is the server up?)