Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor - match report

The match of scoring found it’s end after 30 minutes. Ravenclaw, today with a full string and with the return of number 1 keeper Bob Titan, faced Gryffindor in a furious match. Both teams with new talents and experienced veterans, a good mix to develope and decide the result of a match. Very quick it was clear, that this match would be rich of goals. The chasers did their job very well. Here and there, one may have felt sad for the keepers, because it was a very hard match for both. In the end Gryffindor won with a big gap as in the match before. The end standing was Ravenclaw 160 - 540 Gryffindor. Thus, Gryffindor reaches a total of 1070 points, that they made in this still not ended season, while they pushed Ravenclaw down in the role of the second underdog.

Congratulation to the team around Gryffindor Captain Maximilian Arelle!

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Good game!
P.S. “Thus, Gryffindor won with a big gab”

I love big gabs ;D

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I recorded this game and gave commentary, I had a minor technical problem but I think I did alright for the rig I had to make to film this on my phone. Next week, making a better and more secure rig so I don’t knock it down again


Just saying for the next time: Ties is pronounced Teas :slight_smile:

Kinda like iced tea but plural?

Yeah, or you take the word “teaser” and just take the “er” at the end away.