Ravenclaw vs Gryffindor - match report

Sad? Poor? Or just the right decision? The match between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw ended after around 7 minutes, but not by a seeker catching the snitch! Ravenclaw declared to forfeit after they fell behind by 240-20. 100 scores after three minutes, 200 after 6 minutes. The strength of Gryffindor stood very constant in that minutes and didn’t give Ravenclaw many chances to show their real skills.
After around 7 minutes, Keeper Bambi Cunningham left the pitch, what caused alot of confusion in the Gryffindor team, so they stopped scoring and playing at all. Then the next players left the pitch and Cunningham told Gryffindor Keeper Maximilian Booth, they would forfeit.
The End result is 20-240 plus the 150 points from forfeit.
Gryffindor starts with a plus of 370 points in the season, while Ravenclaw again moves to the opposide.
“At this point I just cannot say gg, because that isn’t gg. I wonder if there is a max of forfeits you can do in one season”, so Gryffindor Captain Gareott Armstrong. This was the second time, Ravenclaw had to forfeit during a match, twice right in series.

Congratulations to the team around Gryffindor Captain Gareott Armstrong!

Well i wanna see the match gryff vs huffle and im hyped whos gonna win :smiley:

in a match between huffle and gryff slytherin would win

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That happens when I am gone Max. RIP

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We won’t know it it could have happened with you ;p